We recommend that PMGY participants arrange a travel currency card prior to joining their volunteer program. These prepaid travel cards allow international volunteers to pre-load money in advance of their trip abroad. They are used in the same way as you would work a debit card but often provide much better rates. Additionally, through the ability to pre-load, they help international volunteers control their spending!


PMGY volunteers from the UK are able to apply for a FairFx Currency Card. The secure and convenient Currency Card is usually 9.95 GBP. However, PMGY participants can get it completely free of charge. If you are from the UK and are 18 or over, you can order your currency card by clicking here.


This travel card provides a low-cost and secure solution to take money overseas. Once you have ordered your travel card you have full control of your account via the FairFX website or mobile app. You can track your balance, top up your card and withdraw any unused funds at any time!


You can use your travel card across all PMGY destinations and anywhere that has the Mastercard® Acceptance Mark. It is free to use in shops and retail outlines and a further 1 GBP if you are withdrawing money from an ATM. Using the mobile app you can also split bills and transfer funds between other PMGY volunteers in-country. Please note this card is only available to UK Residents.

Fair FX Currency Card Logo
Fair FX Currency Card


Topup just 50 GBP and receive the currency card free of charge.


Use in shops and at ATMs wherever you see the Mastercard® mark.


Transfer money from your debit/credit card and top up at any time.


Check your balance and top up your funds on the mobile app or website.


Money is converted to local currency at a cost of 1 GBP per withdrawal.


Link up to 5 Friends Cards card and share money with the whole group.