We recommend that PMGY participants arrange a travel currency card prior to joining their volunteer program. These prepaid travel cards allow international volunteers to pre-load money in advance of their trip abroad. They are used in the same way as you would work a debit card but often provide much better rates. Additionally, through the ability to pre-load, they help international volunteers control their spending!


PMGY volunteers from the UK can apply for a FairFX Multi-currency Card. It is secure, convenient, and users can transact in 20 major currencies for free. There’s a 2.25% charge for exotic currencies. Both physical and virtual cards are completely free of charge. If you are a UK resident and are 18 or over, you can order your currency card by clicking here.


Currencies which you can hold and transact in for free – GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, DKK, HKD, JPY, NZD, NOK, PLN, ZAR, SEK, CHF, CZK, ILS, RON, SGD, HUF, TRY.


This travel card provides a low-cost and secure solution to take money overseas. Once you have ordered your travel card you have full control of your account via the FairFX website or mobile app. You can track your balance, top up your card and withdraw any unused funds at any time!


You can use your travel card across all PMGY destinations and anywhere that has the Mastercard® Acceptance Mark. It is free to use in shops and retail outlines in any of the 20 major currencies listed above, and just 1 GBP if you are withdrawing money from an ATM in the UK and abroad (there may be local charges). Using the mobile app you can also split bills and transfer funds between other PMGY volunteers in-country.


Because FairFX accounts don’t fall under FSCS, your money is protected via safeguarding. FairFX holds your funds in specially designated, safeguarded bank accounts, which keep them separate from its other assets. Please see product FAQs for more information.

Fair FX Currency Card Logo
Fair FX Currency Card


Load money into your account to activate it and receive your card.


Use in shops and at ATMs wherever you see the Mastercard® mark.


Transfer money from your debit/credit card and top up at any time.


Check your balance and top up your funds on the mobile app or website.


Money is converted to local currency at just 1 GBP per ATM withdrawal.


Link up to 5 Friends Cards card and share money with the whole group.

🇰🇭❤️ Q&A with our amazing volunteers from Cambodia! Have a look at it to make learn all about this amazing and fantastic volunteer project! Cambodia is one of the loveliest places and the team is waiting with open arms to greet you! The English teaching is super immersive and welcomes dedicated and passionate volunteers to join! ❤️🇰🇭

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🚑🏥 Interested in medical electives or obtaining some medical experience? Our program in India is always in need of more volunteers who want to help out and invest their time in improving the medical health care system! Our programs are affordable, trusted and easy to join. We offer 24/7 support to make sure you have a seamless experience and can focus all your energy on the volunteer work 🚑🏥🩺

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Check out @darby_rapp month in Bali Volunteering with us! ❤️ We love to see this and it’s always a pleasure when volunteers share their experiences!✨🙌 If you want to know more about volunteering abroad with PMGY don’t hesitate to reach out to us!💌

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What does traveling with PMGY look like?? Check out @rebeancer video to see her experience venturing through different PMGY destinations 😍❤️ Get yourself ready for a gap year full of opportunities, adventures and memories ✨ 

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Calling everyone who wants to teach English abroad!📚 Volunteer with the loveliest children in Cambodia! These students are from disadvantaged backgrounds and are dependent on the free education that PMGY Cambodia supports🇰🇭 To develop yourself and make a difference abroad join forces with other volunteers and head over to meet these wonderful students in Cambodia✨ 

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Rebeca shows you how to pack for the Latin-America encounter! What do you need when volunteering in Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru? Have a look at Rebeca’s top tips!! 😍👙🧳✈️🌴

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Meet the loveliest dogs at the PMGY Peru dog rescue project😍❤️ These rescue dogs deserves all the love and attention they can get after a life on the street facing neglect and abuse. 
As a dog rescue volunteer you will help out with day to day task such as

🐶 Feeding and making sure they have water 
🐶Cleaning the kennels and food bowls 
🐶 Wash the dogs 
🐶 Playtime and cuddles 
🐶 Medical attention 
🐶 Assist with general maintenance 

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