Organise your 2 week group medical trip to Sri Lanka today! Group leaders travel free and your 15 days in Sri Lanka will be fully structured, inclusive and led by our experienced team. Your base for your medical volunteer placements will be the coastal town of Ambalangoda. You will give back to the local community in a variety of settings including community outreach projects and government, private & village hospital settings. You will receive an orientation into life in Sri Lanka and an introduction into Buddhism before your medical placements begins. To compliment your volunteering, each evening we will run cultural activities such as a cultural dance show and a traditional cooking lesson.


After the first week of giving back to the Ambalangoda community, it will be time to explore the island for a few days in between your medical placements. Your adventure travel will begin with a visit to Galle Fort, continuing with stick fishing in Weligama and then onto Mirissa beach for some R&R. An elephant safari will follow at Udawalawe National Park as well as enjoying a unique baby elephant feed. You will also gain an insight into mental health in Sri Lanka as you spend the day in Colombo at the National Council for Mental Health placement. Everything is included in your 2 week Sri Lanka expedition from the airport transfers and meals to accommodation, medical donations, entrance fees and cultural activities.





Plan My Gap Year has the expertise, experience and networks to make your Sri Lanka expedition accessible, safe and stress-free. We pride ourselves on safety management and we have risk assessment documentation for all our overseas trips including to Sri Lanka that outline how we ensure participants are kept safe while overseas.


Organising an overseas trip for your group involves lots of preparation. From flights and insurance to pre-trip training and that’s even before you’ve looked at organising the itinerary! So that’s where PMGY come in. We really do specialise in the group’s overseas expedition area providing exclusive group trips whilst accommodating large groups of students, on full board options. We guarantee to provide trusted and vetted medical project settings that provide great insight, exposure and learning opportunities for students. In addition, we will sandwich in some fantastic travel opportunities around Sri Lanka for students to enjoy on their rest days. We can organise:


As a social initiative, we are able to guarantee affordable prices without sacrificing the quality of our programs. We frequently have groups joining our programs as they are looking for a more affordable alternative to their existing provider. We can tailor a trip around your requirements and work with you to create your personalised group medical trip itinerary. So why not follow the PMGY ten-step journey below to making your bespoke group medical trip to Sri Lanka a reality!


Step 1: Arrange a Call – Should this trip be the one for you, get in touch by email or call and one of our group expedition specialists can discuss and tailor your Sri Lanka medical trip. Alternatively, let us know the best way to reach out to you and we will do so at a time convenient to you.


Step 2: Meet & Greet – After initial contact has been made and ideas progressed, our group expedition specialist will travel to meet you and any of your colleagues in person. As a result, a face can then be put to the name, the Sri Lanka trip planning can be evolved and any initial questions can be answered.


Step 3: Information Session – Once the itinerary, duration and dates are in place for your trip to Sri Lanka, our group trip specialist will come and host an information session with all interested travellers and parties. We will convey all necessary content and information about the trip and hold a Q&A session after the presentation to ensure all attendees are as informed as possible before signing up.


Step 4: Confirm Trip Numbers – Once the internal deadline for registrations has passed and the trip numbers are known, PMGY will arrange the invoice procedures for the overall group deposit payment to confirm the trip go ahead. For every 10 students, 1 group leader spot will be provided for free! We can also arrange and provide flights and insurance options for all travellers should this be applicable.


Step 5: PMGY Pre-departure Support – Throughout the build-up to your Sri Lanka group medical trip, we will be on hand to support you whatever way possible. Whether it be through creating your bespoke trip handbook, completing risk assessments, communicating safety management procedures or providing project preparation webinars, we will have all bases covered.


Step 6: Pre-departure Session – Around 2 months before your group trip begins in Sri Lanka, we will conduct a final pre-departure session with all travellers and relevant persons. This will ensure that everything is in place before your group head overseas and the content covered will align with this accordingly. We will also distribute PMGY T-shirts to all travellers at the session!


Step 7: Before You Go – In the days before your arrival into Sri Lanka, we will be in close and regular contact with you to make sure everything is in place for your trip. This will include a range of emails and phone calls ensuring your arrival procedures are all in place, dietary requirements & medical conditions are catered for and that our ground team in Sri Lanka are well prepared for your group’s arrival.


Step 8: Enjoy the Trip! – When on the trip, our ground team will become your day to day port of call. We will touch base with them daily to make sure your trip is running smoothly. If required, we will be available 24/7 from afar. We will check in with you across the trip to see how everything is going. We know you will be in safe hands with our trusted, experienced and vetted ground teams!


Step 9: Return Home – By the time our team have dropped you safely back at Colombo Airport, the travel blues may already be starting to kick in! We hope all travellers have had an unforgettable trip! Each trip participant will receive a certificate of completion. Furthermore, we will check in one final time with you in the days after your trip for feedback on your Sri Lanka experience.


Step 10: Future Planning – After a few weeks away from Sri Lanka and once the travel blues have well and truly settled in, it’s now time to be planning your next group medical trip with PMGY to create more magical memories! Whether it be back to Sri Lanka or to a new destination, PMGY will be on hand every step of the way again to facilitate your new adventure. Back to Step one we go!


Who – Edge Hill University from the United Kingdom. 10 nursing students from Edge Hill travelled to Sri Lanka on a group nursing elective with PMGY.


What – A 21 day nursing elective to Sri Lanka in total. Hospital placements were the core of Edge Hill nursing students medical experience in Sri Lanka. Students would rotate their time across 4 different hospital settings in the Galle District area. Most of these were centralised within the Ambalangoda community and included a village, private and government hospital setting. Students specialised in the departments within each hospital that they had more interest in. Students also received group lectures and seminars on the Sri Lanka Ayurveda medicine system and learning about the traditional treatments that come with this. PMGY also arranged 2 weekend trips for the students to enjoy outside of the elective placement settings. As a result, students got to explore the island to the maximum as they enjoyed Yala safari, climbing Lion Rock, relaxing in Mirissa beach, walking the historic Galle Fort and exploring the cultural capital of Kandy.


Where – Edge Hill University students experienced so much and a range of locations in their 21 days in Sri Lanka. Arriving into Colombo, the main segment of the trip was the nursing volunteer hospital placements in the coastal town of Ambalangoda in the Galle District. This was the students base for the 3 week elective period. At the weekends, the group used the time to explore the majority of Southern Sri Lanka through PMGY’s weekend trips. Whether it was the beaches of Mirissa, the safari park of Yala, the hill country of Ella or the centralised Kandy, Edge Hill nursing students experienced the breadth of Sri Lanka.


When – Edge Hill University students from a range of medical disciplines regularly join PMGY’s medical programs on overseas electives each year. Expanding on this, 10 nursing students grouped together to enjoy a structured and tailor-made 3 week nursing elective inclusive of weekend trips with PMGY in the spring of 2018.


Why – PMGY has a strong reputation of providing affordable, accessible and structured medical elective experiences for Edge Hill University students. This is not just limited to Sri Lanka, but expanding to PMGY’s medical and healthcare programs across Ghana, Tanzania, Bali, India, Peru and Ecuador. PMGY receive a strong word of mouth recommendation from past Edge Hill students who have completed overseas electives with PMGY. Having a good foundation with the University and realising that many previous students joining PMGY on overseas electives were nursing students, PMGY conducted market research with nursing students at Edge Hill to establish which destination they wanted to travel to and at what time of year. It quickly became apparent that Sri Lanka was the desired destination and the range of medical placement settings that could be included here was a big attraction. Therefore, PMGY created a tailored overseas nursing elective experience for Edge Hill students to join in 2018.


How – PMGY conducted an information session and recruitment process for a 3 week tailored Edge Hill nursing elective experience to Sri Lanka. The session was arranged on the back of strong market research that the trip would have serious interest and available for all 2nd year nursing students interested in an overseas elective. The session was well supported by the fact that PMGY had hosted many Edge Hill students overseas already. Flexible online registration processes and deadlines were given to students and once registered each student received extensive pre-departure support in the build-up to their trip. The result was 10 nursing students heading to Sri Lanka at the same time with PMGY for a bespoke 3 week nursing elective.


Feedback – “Myself and 9 other students had an unforgettable elective experience in the amazing country of Sri Lanka. From the moment we heard about the trip around campus, we were excited to learn as much information as possible. This opportunity swiftly came as we attended a very informative information session about the nursing elective opportunity in Sri Lanka which was held by a PMGY representative. After our questions were answered and initial worries eased, our journey to Sri Lanka began as we confirmed our place with the deposit payment on the 3 week nursing elective experience in Sri Lanka. We received so much support and assurance in the lead up to the trip. This allowed us to focus on our studies and academic work safely knowing that everything was well organised and structured. Once we arrived in Sri Lanka the experience was like no other. Each placement setting was interesting, with my favourite parts being learning about the traditional Ayurveda medicine system and spending time in the paediatrics department at the government hospital. There was so much to learn and see and we got to rotate in smaller groups across each of the hospitals to ensure we were not overloading each department/hospital and that we could gain as much insight and exposure as possible on each day. The nurses at each hospital were amazing to observe and learn from and always answered our questions with such positivity and details even if there was sometimes a little bit of a language barrier. Ashika (the coordinator of the program) always made sure we were safe, well-fed and continually learning about Sri Lankan culture as he arranged traditional dance classes, hands-craft sessions and meditation learnings for us. Not only this, we enjoyed 2 fantastic weekend trips to explore Sri Lanka that we would have struggled to arrange and fit in ourselves and were great value for money. In short, not only did we learn so much about the Sri Lankan healthcare system and how different this is to the NHS back home, but we developed great memories to bring back home with us whether that was making friends with the nurses, embracing the culture or travelling the country at weekends. ”


Background – The history of the Sri Lankan medicine system dates back thousands of years, with a rich history stemming from their extensive kingdoms. It is believed that the concept of hospitals around the world was actually introduced by the Sinhalese, thanks to their royalty. Kings were not only demanding to have their own hospital homes built but they were often practitioners of medicine themselves.


In addition, the ancient practice of Ayurveda is also deeply rooted in the Sri Lankan medical system. Known as one of the oldest healing sciences around the world, Ayurveda translates from Sanskrit as “The Science of Life”. Ayurvedic medicine originated in India over 3,000 years ago, focusing on the concept of balance in one’s life. This can be linked to mental health issues, diet, lifestyle, healthcare and more.


Using holistic and natural health practices, Ayurveda emphasises prevention and balance in order to attain balance within your physical, emotional and mental states. Ayurvedic system government hospitals and teachings are also widespread across Sri Lanka. Moreover, many citizens will choose to follow Ayurvedic medicine practices for certain illnesses or accidents and western medicine for others.


The healthcare system in Sri Lanka is universal to all local citizens, offering both traditional Ayurvedic and modern healthcare for free across government hospitals. Nowadays most hospitals in Sri Lanka do follow a more “western medicine” approach, using procedures and medications that are seen worldwide. Certainly, it may be perceived as very basic and outdated in some ways. On the other hand, there is a higher life expectancy and lower infant death rate than neighbouring countries in the region. Even so, there are often long waiting lists with a limitation of capacity, staff and resources. As a result, the number of private hospitals has risen to offer private healthcare services.


Working in a hospital as a medical volunteer in Sri Lanka is a great opportunity to get close up clinical exposure and learn about health care systems in developing countries. You will witness a variety of cases, which offers a fantastic contrast to what you might find in your local hospital! Furthermore, you will experience different hospital settings within Sri Lanka whereby you can make observations and contrasts to how healthcare differs internally from each placement setting.


Ayurvedic Medicine – Students will participate in an Ayurveda medicine session before heading out to hospital placement settings. A local Ayurvedic specialist will teach you all about the history of Ayurveda, its role within healthcare in Sri Lanka and how it is implemented to treat a variety of cases.


Ayurvedic concepts about health and disease promote the use of herbal compounds, special diets, and other unique natural health practices. The earliest references of Ayurvedic medicine in Sri Lanka are associated with a great physician; Ravana, a king of Sri Lanka dating back to prehistoric times.


Balapitiya Government Hospital – PMGY partner with a government hospital located just outside of central Ambalangoda. It is a medium-sized hospital with over 500 stations. There are 20 doctors and 2 surgeons at the hospital. Students will gain exposure to and can choose to specialise in any of the following departments in the government hospital: Out-Patient Unit, Emergency Treatment Room, General Medicine, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Antenatal, Postnatal, Labour Room, Paediatrics.


There is also an eye clinic that has been donated from the PMGY Sri Lanka team to the Balapitiya Hospital. Previously, people in the community would have to travel long journeys outside of Ambalangoda to receive free eye treatment and eye tests. Now through developing this eye clinic, the hospital can provide free, easily accessible eye care services to the local community. Students are welcome to spend time inside the eye clinic observing the daily processes that occur and asking as many questions as they wish.


Roseth Private Hospital – Students will also spend time learning about the Sri Lankan healthcare system within a small private hospital in Ambalangoda. Roseth hospital provides a structured observational and informative approach to give students a broad insight into a medical facility in Sri Lanka. The following departments are available in the private hospital for students to gain an insight into: Physiotherapy, Dental Surgery, Radiology (x-ray machine and computerised radiology), Laboratory, Phlebotomy, In-Patient Ward, Out-Patient Ward.


Polwatta Village Hospital – The smallest of the hospitals in the Ambalangoda district, students will use their day at the local village hospital to get involved with a local blood pressure clinic. Students will support the doctor running the clinic with the testing and administration process. The hospital also provides emergency and OPD clinics for the local village that students can witness.


National Council for Mental Health (NCMH) – Students will gain a small insight into another aspect of Sri Lanka’s healthcare system as they spend time at the National Council for Mental Health. This serves as a “half-way home” treatment centre to integrate those with mental illness back into society.


Located close to Colombo, the NCMH is very much a forward-thinking framework, which is all about rehabilitation for the patients and providing a wide range of occupational therapies. Moreover, the long term goal is for patients at the home to return back into mainstream society without relapsing. The setting is mostly home to adults and has a team of nurses to support the day to day running and support at the halfway home. Students can partake and observe their daily schedule of activities/consultations as well as asking questions to the director at NCMH to learn more around mental health in Sri Lanka.


Community Outreach – Students will spend time at the heart of our community village projects, providing basic care and health education to the village residents. Such opportunities for children who are from typically lower-income families are not common and will be very well received. We will set up a small camp where you can educate children about personal hygiene and health including brushing teach, healthy habits, creative games about hygiene, blood pressure check-ups and first aid training.


We have put together a sample 15 day itinerary that incorporates the ultimate group medical trip in Sri Lanka. For the reason that it provides a perfect blend of volunteering, travelling, adventure and cultural immersion. Moreover, the trip itinerary is fully structured and inclusive throughout. However, we understand each group has different objectives from an overseas trip and different criteria to meet. As a result, we can tailor the sample itinerary below into a bespoke itinerary that matches your goals and objectives for an overseas group medical expedition in Sri Lanka.


In short, we can tailor a trip around your requirements and work with you to create your personalised group trip itinerary so the students can get the most from the experience. Whether you wish to extend or shorten the duration of the trip, solely focus on volunteering, or would like to incorporate volunteering into a wider trip with travel opportunities – we can work together to create the perfect itinerary for you. Above all, we will ensure your group trip to Sri Lanka remains fully affordable, structured, safe and inclusive.


Day 1 - Arrival & Orientation

Welcome to Sri Lanka! Your group will arrive at Colombo International Airport (Bandaranaike International Airport). On arrival, you will be greeted by Ashika from the PMGY Sri Lanka team who will be easily visible in his PMGY T-Shirt.


We will then transport you by private bus to your volunteer accommodation in Ambalangoda. The journey takes around 2-3 hours. Ambalangoda will be the base of your group medical trip in Sri Lanka with PMGY. You will have the chance to settle into your accommodation before we begin with your group orientation.


In the orientation, our local team will begin to teach you about life in Sri Lanka, the do’s and don’ts, and the local culture and religion. This will continue with a preview of your trip itinerary, safety advice and a presentation of all the projects we support in the community.


We will also take you to see some of the famous sites around Ambalangoda, including the longest sleeping Buddha statue in Asia and an original blue moonstone mine. You will learn more about Buddhism and how the local people follow this philosophy as well as furthering your understanding of some of the local traditions. Finally, you will also have the chance to change money and visit the supermarket.

Day 2 - Boat Safari & Local Tour

We will continue our introduction to Sri Lanka with a wonderful boat ride down the Madu River. Take the morning to enjoy its flourishing ecosystem as you will pass through the secretive passages created by the mangroves. See the basking crocodiles and water monitors on your journey. In addition, you will visit one of the small islands with its cinnamon harvesting natives. Finally, you will enjoy the restorative qualities of the avian life fish massage.


After lunch, it’s time to explore Ambalangoda further as we visit a mask factory and a spice plantation. Masks are a popular tradition in Sri Lanka and Ambalangoda is known as the best place for seeing traditional Sri Lankan masks. The temple plantation will see you learn about Sri Lankan herbs and spices and the benefits they bring – particularly from a medicinal perspective.


After a couple of days induction to life in Sri Lanka, it’s time to get ready for your medical volunteer placements based within the Ambalangoda community.

Day 3 - Ayurvedic Session

Your group will have a lecture about traditional medical techniques in Sri Lanka. A local Ayurvedic specialist will teach you all about the history of Ayurveda, its role within healthcare in Sri Lanka and how it is implemented to treat a variety of cases. A system of traditional medicine stemming from the Indian subcontinent, Ayurvedic traditions are often viewed as complementary or alternative forms of medicine.


Ayurveda also focuses on the more traditional practices of yoga and meditation. In this vein, the session will also be attended by a local Buddhist monk who will share his experience and insight within this area.

Days 4-6 - Balapitiya Government Base Hospital & Culture Nights

Day 4 marks the first day of your hospital volunteer placement in Sri Lanka. For the next 3 days, you will be based at the large government base hospital of Balapitiya. You will head out to placement after breakfast at the Volunteer House and rotate across the departments at your leisure across the next 3 days. Placements will largely be morning based as this is when the hospitals are busier with more appointments, consultations and activities occurring. There will be the chance to return to the hospital in the afternoons, but things usually happen at a slower pace and there are fewer doctors rotating across the wards to shadow.


You can choose to spend your time across several departments or just a few. Our team will do our best to match any specific requirements you have, but we would recommend a mixed timetable in order to experience the different hospital settings. Each student will be assigned a member of staff within each department who will act as a mentor. Students should be proactive in maximising their learnings and exposure within each department by asking as many questions as possible and being assertive in requesting additional guidance when required. Your role is largely observational at the government hospital, but there may be basic hands-on involvement from time to time.


Our local team will organise cultural activities in the evenings such as a traditional dance class and a lecture about Buddhism.

Days 7-8 - Community Outreach Program

For the next couple of days, the group will have the chance to work within the local villages around Ambalangoda. We will set up a small camp where you can educate children about personal hygiene and health including brushing teach, healthy habits, creative games about hygiene, blood pressure check-ups and first aid training. In short, you will be working as a group to help educate the local children about the importance of hygiene and general healthcare provisions.


These are children from low-income families within deprived village communities so the support, assistance and health checks that you provide will be invaluable. Take the time bond with the children and learn some of their stories and games. They will be excited to share their lifestyle and culture as you immerse yourself in traditional Sri Lankan village life!


We’ll head to one of the best ice cream shops in town to celebrate our efforts in the evenings!

Days 8-9 - Galle Fort, Stick Fishing & Mirissa Beach

After a full week of medical placements and supporting the community in Ambalangoda, it’s now time to spend a few days exploring further afield and seeing what this amazing country has to offer!


It’s now time to head to Galle for the morning. The drive to Galle will take around one hour as we begin our trip exploring some of the highlights of the island!


Galle is always a favourite amongst many travellers in Sri Lanka. The UNESCO World Heritage site of Galle Fort was originally built in the 16th Century by the Portuguese, then extensively modified by the Dutch a century later. There’s a winding maze of streets with Colonial-era architecture mixing old and new between the ancient Fort walls. You will spend time walking across the Fort, taking in the beautiful scenery and spotting turtles in the ocean beyond.


After finishing in Galle, it’s time to go stick fishing in Weligama. This is your chance to learn about the traditional Sri Lankan art of stick fishing! If you’d like to try it out yourself, be prepared to get splashed!


As we approach day 9, the time has finally arrived for some free time in Mirissa to relax by the beach after what has been a jam-packed itinerary so far. Situated on the south coast, Mirissa is a beautiful little fishing village with a picture-postcard beach setting.


Your time in Mirissa is your oyster and you will spend the afternoon of day 8 and the whole of day 9 soaking it up! Mirissa has a number of water activities you can do to keep you entertained, such as bodyboarding, snorkelling and whale watching. Otherwise, you may wish to simply put your feet up and relax!

Day 10 - Elephant Safari & Baby Elephant Feeding

It’s an early start as we make the 3 hour drive across to Udawalawe National Park for a 3 hour morning safari. With a herd of around 250 permanent resident elephants, the area is one of the most visited national parks in the whole country. Be sure to keep an eye out for many of the wild birds, sloth bears and reptiles that you can also encounter on the safari as well.


The national park was specifically created to provide a sanctuary for wild animals displaced by the construction of the Udawalawe Reservoir. The reserve thus provides an important habitat for many Sri Lankan elephants, crocodiles and amazing leopards, with many attracted to the park because of the reservoir.


Following an epic safari and a tasty lunch, you will get the chance to witness the baby elephant afternoon feed! More specifically, you will get the chance to see between 20-50 baby elephants being fed at a nearby elephant orphanage to Udawalawe. This is the only place in the whole of Sri Lanka to see baby elephants feeding. Your group will spend an hour observing the afternoon feed before we head back to Ambalangoda as we continue learning about the Sri Lankan healthcare system in new medical placement settings.

Days 11-12 - Roseth Private Hospital

After some adventure travel across Sri Lanka, it’s back to Ambalangoda as we continue with our medical volunteer placements. This time we are heading to Roseth Private Hospital for the next couple of days. The hospital has a smaller number of departments available to students than the government hospital. However, Roseth hospital continues to provide a structured observational and informative approach to give students a broad insight into a medical facility in Sri Lanka.


Depending on students interests, each student will be placed within different departments and attached to an English-speaking member of staff. Your role at the private hospital will be an observational learning-based experience. In addition, it is important to utilise your time to observe the differences between a private hospital and a government hospital within the Sri Lankan healthcare system.


Evening activities will continue on a more relaxed nature as we enjoy a movie and a quiz night.

Day 13 - Polwatta Village Hospital & Hikkaduwa Town

It’s now time to spend a session getting involved at a local blood pressure clinic at Polwatta Village Hospital. You will get the chance to support at our village clinic campaign helping the local doctor by checking blood pressure and blood sugar levels of the people of Ambalangoda.


After lunch, we will head to the nearby town of Hikkaduwa which conveniently provides some nice beach spots for an afternoon of rest and relaxation. Alternatively, go snorkelling in the shallow waters opposite Hikkaduwa Beach shelter at the Hikkaduwa National Park, which is a coral sanctuary and home to marine turtles and exotic fish. If you need any last-minute souvenirs then this backpacker seaside resort has plenty of shops and stalls to choose from!

Day 14 - National Council For Mental Health Placement

Our last day of medical volunteer placements will see us explore Sri Lanka’s mental healthcare system a little further. We will spend the day at the National Council for Mental Health (NCMH). This serves as a “half-way home” treatment centre to integrate those with mental illness back into society.


The NCMH is very much a forward-thinking framework, which is all about rehabilitation for the patients and providing a wide range of occupational therapies. Moreover, the long term goal us for patients at the home to return back into mainstream society without relapsing. The setting is mostly home to adults and has a team of nurses to support the day to day running and support at the halfway home.


Each student will get a chance to interact with those based at the home, so you can ask them questions and learn about their experiences. In addition, you can provide hands-on support with occupational therapy, such as creative arts and learning, as well as structured daily exercise classes to encourage positive wellbeing.


Participants will also get the chance to have one on one time with the director at the NCMH. You can ask questions and learn more from the experts around mental health in Sri Lanka, as well as the stigmas attached.


Our final evening activity will be a cooking lesson led by the local team. We have had 2 weeks of enjoying the fabulous Sri Lankan cuisine so why not spend our final night learning how to make some of its flagship traditional dishes!

Day 15 - Farewell Sri Lanka & Hometime

Sadly, all good things must come to an end as we say goodbye to Sri Lanka. The team will organise one last farewell meal for the group to reflect on the experiences your group have gained and ensure each student receives their International Certificate of Completion. Our team will transfer you back to Colombo International Airport in good time for your return flight home. It’s been a great two weeks!



During your group trip to Sri Lanka, you will stay in hotel-style accommodation. All accommodation is comfortable, secure and vetted. Your predominant base for your time in Sri Lanka will be Ambalangoda, where your medical placement settings are located. You will be based in secure and vetted accommodation in a peaceful part of town.


Each room is provided with bunk beds, bed linen and mosquito nets and will fit up to 8 people per room (same-sex). Group leaders will have their own separate rooms if applicable. There are communal areas for students to relax and play games in. There is also a kitchen with a refrigerator to store any items you need to keep chilled.


You will have cupboard space to store clothes and accessories. Our local team can arrange valuables to be stored in a safe. We will transport you via private transport to and from your project every day.



Bathrooms are shared. Each bathroom has a shower and western style toilet. The water is cold but this shouldn’t be a problem as Sri Lanka is hot and humid all year round! A member of our local team will also live at the accommodation as well as an on-sight overnight security guard. This ensures you have round the clock support and security.


During the travelling aspect of the trip, you will stay in our partner hotel in the small beach town of Mirissa for 2 nights. You will share a room with fellow students and this will usually be up to six people per room (same-sex). All rooms will be fanned and have western bathrooms. The rooms are basic but very clean and comfortable. Group leaders will again be provided with their own rooms.


You will be served three meals per day during your group medical trip to Sri Lanka. Meals will be provided at the accommodation in Ambalangoda under a set menu format. When travelling across Sri Lanka in the days outside of the medical placements, there will be lots of buffet options to choose from. Most meals are traditional Sri Lankan dishes that can be typically quite spicy (although the spice can be toned down and adjusted according to the general consensus of the group).



Sri Lankan cuisine consists of a lot of rice and the meat is mainly fish or chicken – vegetarian options are always available. All meals will be freshly-prepared each day and the occasional western meal will also be added in. It’s best to avoid tap water in Sri Lanka. Bottled water is available everywhere and provided with meals.


Here is an example of the meals you can expect:

* Please note our local team will do their best to cater for all dietary requirements. Any dietary requirements will be requested by the PMGY team in advance of your group trip arrival into Sri Lanka. Such details will be forwarded to the local team, but it is a good idea for the relevant staff/student to re-iterate any dietary requirements to the local team on arrival into the country.







15 days
975 USD
249 USD
1,224 USD

* These fees apply to each individual student.


In order to confirm your group trip to Sri Lanka with PMGY, you need to pay a trip deposit fee of 249 USD for each student. The remaining Program Fee of 975 USD per student is then due no less than 60 days prior to your Sri Lanka trip start date. During this period if you need to make a change to your trip (destination, itinerary or trip numbers) then we will aim to facilitate this without any administration fees. Furthermore, we are happy to facilitate an instalment payment option should this be more beneficial for your group.


Payments can be made via bank transfer and PMGY will create and send the invoices and payment receipt details once the trip numbers are confirmed. Alternatively, we can establish payment links directly through our website using all major debit and credit cards. We will outline instructions to make payment in our email communication with you. Please note credit card payments are subject to a 3% additional fee to cover the bank charges that PMGY incur.



The prices are based on group numbers of 20+ and do not include flights or insurance (these can be arranged separately through PMGY). For every 10 participants, we are able to provide 1 free spot for the staff or academic leaders. Consequently, no trip deposit fee or Program Fee will be required for each staff or academic leader participant on the trip.


Included in the Fees – 2 x pre-departure briefing sessions, financial protection, airport transfers, private transportation across Sri Lanka and to/from project, 3 meals a day, all accommodation, volunteer placements, medical donations, travel activities including all applicable entrance fees, cultural activities, 24/7 International & Sri Lankan based support, extensive pre-departure support opportunities, PMGY Sri Lanka t-shirt and an International Certificate of Completion. (Group leaders will receive all of these inclusions complimentary).