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PMGY 60 hour TEFL Course Certificate with TEFL Graduate for a Volunteer teaching English abroad


For international volunteers teaching English abroad, the only real ‘qualifications’ you need are bags of energy, commitment and enthusiasm. However, you may like the opportunity to do some preparation work before you hit the classroom. If so, we’ve got the perfect introductory online TEFL course for teaching English abroad. This course can be added during your online application. Alternatively, you can purchase the TEFL Course via our Online Shop by clicking here.


At only 60 hours and completed online, this course is hugely convenient. The course can be done in your own time, at your own pace and you don’t even need to leave the house! You’ve got 6 months to complete the course, so there is no rush and you can fit it in when you can. Obviously, an hour here and there certainly adds up. Therefore there really is no pressure.

Once completed, you’ll not only have acquired key skills for teaching English abroad but also an internationally accredited certificate. If you find that teaching really is your calling, this course can be built upon with more modules in the future. The TEFL course is made up of a total of 6 modules. Across these modules, participants will be able to learn the core principles of teaching English internationally. Core aspects covered in the course include ‘The Roles of the Teacher’ and ‘Lesson Planning’.


It is not mandatory for any of our international volunteers to uphold a TEFL qualification to complete a teaching abroad volunteer program. However, it is something that we strongly consider. Past volunteers who have completed the TEFL course have found it to be a great foundation for their volunteer experience.


Core ‘Teaching Grammar’ and ‘Lesson Planning' modules included.


PMGY volunteers learn for less with a great saving for this top online course.


Complete from the comfort of your home and in your own time.


Dedicated tutor contact provided for questions and support.


You’ll be armed with masses of useful info and an accredited certification.


This is a firm foundation to work towards a future qualification.

I’d never been volunteering before and this was my first time travelling to anywhere off the beaten track. I hadn’t taught English before either so it was all very new and a bit daunting to be honest! I thought the TEFL course would help me to be prepared for at least one aspect of the trip and it was worth every hour and every penny. It really helped me to help them if you know what I mean. By having more than a few teaching tricks up my sleeve, each day was fun and productive too.


Teaching English Volunteer, Sri Lanka

It wasn’t until I got to Ghana that the true benefits of the TEFL course came to life. The 60 hours didn’t seem to take long when I spread it over the few months and the course content was relevant to the project, especially the cultural awareness. I don’t think anyone can be 100% prepared for how different everything is in a developing country like Ghana but I do think the cost of the course and the time required was well spent as it just made my time there a lot more productive.


Teaching English Volunteer, Ghana

Even if you’re pretty confident in front of a classroom of students, this course prepared me for things I’d not necessarily expected, like how big and mad the classes of children are. There where days when there were a lot of kids, all pretty hyper and desperate to get involved. It was pretty full on and sometimes a bit overwhelming. I found all the modules very beneficial as they give you lots of tips and a range of skills. The course just made the reality of teaching easier and much more fun.


Teaching English Volunteer, Vietnam

Calling everyone who wants to teach English abroad!📚 Volunteer with the loveliest children in Cambodia! These students are from disadvantaged backgrounds and are dependent on the free education that PMGY Cambodia supports🇰🇭 To develop yourself and make a difference abroad join forces with other volunteers and head over to meet these wonderful students in Cambodia✨ 

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Meet the loveliest dogs at the PMGY Peru dog rescue project😍❤️ These rescue dogs deserves all the love and attention they can get after a life on the street facing neglect and abuse. 
As a dog rescue volunteer you will help out with day to day task such as

🐶 Feeding and making sure they have water 
🐶Cleaning the kennels and food bowls 
🐶 Wash the dogs 
🐶 Playtime and cuddles 
🐶 Medical attention 
🐶 Assist with general maintenance 

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🙌 “My unforgettable journey with PMGY in Nepal and Sri Lanka offered starkly different yet equally enriching experiences. In Nepal, I immersed myself in the serene Buddhist lifestyle at Khawalung Monastery, teaching English to the most wonderfully cheeky monks, joining in with the chants and pujas before dawn, and wolfing down a healthy serving of the infamous dhal bhat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Contrarily the tropics of Sri Lanka offered a vibrant whirlwind of activities inside PMGY’s London House, or outside in the neighbouring volunteer turtle-sanctuary; where we could gut recently caught fish by the Ambalagodan fisherman, to feed to the loggerheads and olive ridleys. Whilst both opportunities were polarising and unique from one another, I am eternally grateful that I could immerse myself in both, as they have taught me such valuable life-skills and responsibilities,but have also provided me some of the highlights of my life. 

I think it’s safe to say this reel only represents a fraction of the enjoyment and adventure I experienced in these two breathtakingly stunning countries, whether thats the fulfilment of a watching a student finally grasp and master a topic, or the satisfaction of providing food and care to our wonderful slippery co-inhabitants of this planet, and if that hasnt convinced you by now... what are you wating for? Go for it!” - JBM.

📸 @jorjibob 

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Q&A with Malisa! Do you have any questions about volunteering with Plan My Gap Year? Have a look at our live and watch Malisa answer questions from volunteers and talking about her own experience! 🌎✨
Make memories, lifelong friends, inspire students and use your creativity! Volunteering in Cambodia is truly a special opportunity, it takes dedication and patience, but the reward and impact is truly worth the effort 🇰🇭📚✨🏫

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What to get up to in your free time when volunteering in Nepal? Here are our best tips! Reed caption for more 👇

🇳🇵Visit the famous Stupa! One of the most worshipped buildings in the whole of Nepal 

🇳🇵A weekend in Chitwan is high on the must do list! This weekend offers a glimpse into the traditional life in the rural parts of Nepal! 

🇳🇵 Boat safari! This was a magical journey in the rivers of Nepal. Seeing crocodiles and birds enjoying their peaceful morning. 

🇳🇵A jeep safari in the rural parts of the county allows you to spot rhinos and elephants in their natural habitat. 

🇳🇵A visit to Pokhara! There is now way you can stay in Nepal without heading here. Their lake is famous and an attraction among many! 

🇳🇵 Take the time to hike in Pokhara. This place offered some of the most mesmerizing hikes in the Himalayan mountains. 

🇳🇵Kathmandu is a bustling metropolis in Nepal, where you can shop until you drop! Their markers are colorful and full of fantastic souvenirs😍

🇳🇵Try the local food and be astonished by all the good flavors

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What our PMGY Sri Lanka Volunteers got up to this weekend!📸😍 Exploring bits of Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 

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Thank you to everyone who joined the LIVE today! We got some really great questions! Please stay tuned for our next live Q&A coming soon❤️ #volunteerQ&A #planmygapyear