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Organise your 2 week school trip to India today! Teachers travel free and your 14 days in India will be fully structured, inclusive and led by our experienced team. Your first week will have you arrive in Delhi before travelling to Faridabad for your orientation into life in India. You will volunteer in the local slum community as you provide childcare support to vulnerable children as well as rolling up your sleeves on a renovation project. After a few days giving back to the Faridabad community, it will be time to head into the capital as we spend a couple days exploring Old and New Delhi.


Your second week will see you teaching English at the Eco Slum School project in the mornings and continuing your childcare volunteering in the afternoon. You will finish your school trip to India with more adventure travel as you explore India's Golden Triangle. This will include exploring the breadth of the Pink City Jaipur, taking in sunrise at a Wonder of the World in the Taj Mahal and enjoying a guided tour around Agra Fort. Cultural activities will be provided throughout including yoga and cooking classes as well as Bollywood movies and dance lessons. Everything is included in your 2 week India expedition from the airport transfers and meals to accommodation, entrance fees and cultural activities.





Plan My Gap Year has the expertise, experience and networks to make your India expedition accessible, safe and stress-free. We pride ourselves on safety management and we have risk assessment documentation for all our overseas trips including to India that outline how we ensure participants are kept safe while overseas.


Organising an overseas trip for your group involves lots of preparation. From flights and insurance to pre-trip training and that’s even before you’ve looked at organising the itinerary! So that’s where PMGY come in. We really do specialise in the group's overseas expedition area providing exclusive group trips whilst accommodating large groups of students, on full board options. We guarantee to provide trusted and vetted medical project settings that provide great insight, exposure and learning opportunities for students. In addition, we will sandwich in some fantastic travel opportunities around India for students to enjoy on their rest days. We can organise:


As a social initiative, we are able to guarantee affordable prices without sacrificing the quality of our programs. We frequently have groups joining our programs as they are looking for a more affordable alternative to their existing provider. We can tailor a trip around your requirements and work with you to create your personalised group medical trip itinerary. So why not follow the PMGY ten-step journey below to making your bespoke group medical trip to India a reality!


Step 1: Arrange a Call - Should this trip be the one for you, get in touch by email or call and one of our group expedition specialists can discuss and tailor your India medical trip. Alternatively, let us know the best way to reach out to you and we will do so at a time convenient to you.


Step 2: Meet & Greet - After initial contact has been made and ideas progressed, our group expedition specialist will travel to meet you and any of your colleagues in person. As a result, a face can then be put to the name, the India trip planning can be evolved and any initial questions can be answered.


Step 3: Information Session - Once the itinerary, duration and dates are in place for your trip to India, our group trip specialist will come and host an information session with all interested travellers and parties. We will convey all necessary content and information about the trip and hold a Q&A session after the presentation to ensure all attendees are as informed as possible before signing up.


Step 4: Confirm Trip Numbers - Once the internal deadline for registrations has passed and the trip numbers are known, PMGY will arrange the invoice procedures for the overall group deposit payment to confirm the trip go ahead. For every 10 students, 1 group leader spot will be provided for free! We can also arrange and provide flights and insurance options for all travellers should this be applicable.


Step 5: PMGY Pre-departure Support - Throughout the build-up to your India group medical trip, we will be on hand to support you whatever way possible. Whether it be through creating your bespoke trip handbook, completing risk assessments, communicating safety management procedures or providing project preparation webinars, we will have all bases covered.


Step 6: Pre-departure Session - Around 2 months before your group trip begins in India, we will conduct a final pre-departure session with all travellers and relevant persons. This will ensure that everything is in place before your group head overseas and the content covered will align with this accordingly. We will also distribute PMGY T-shirts to all travellers at the session!


Step 7: Before You Go - In the days before your arrival into India, we will be in close and regular contact with you to make sure everything is in place for your trip. This will include a range of emails and phone calls ensuring your arrival procedures are all in place, dietary requirements & medical conditions are catered for and that our ground team in India are well prepared for your group's arrival.


Step 8: Enjoy the Trip! - When on the trip, our ground team will become your day to day port of call. We will touch base with them daily to make sure your trip is running smoothly. If required, we will be available 24/7 from afar. We will check in with you across the trip to see how everything is going. We know you will be in safe hands with our trusted, experienced and vetted ground teams!


Step 9: Return Home - By the time our team have dropped you safely back at Colombo Airport, the travel blues may already be starting to kick in! We hope all travellers have had an unforgettable trip! Each trip participant will receive a certificate of completion. Furthermore, we will check in one final time with you in the days after your trip for feedback on your India experience.


Step 10: Future Planning - After a few weeks away from India and once the travel blues have well and truly settled in, it's now time to be planning your next group medical trip with PMGY to create more magical memories! Whether it be back to India or to a new destination, PMGY will be on hand every step of the way again to facilitate your new adventure. Back to Step one we go!


Who - Hassenbrook Academy from the United Kingdom. 12 students and 1 staff member from Hassenbrook travelled to India on a group trip expedition with PMGY.


What - A 14 day expedition to India in total. PMGY arranged a renovation placement at the Eco Slum School to build new classrooms. In addition, students would spend their afternoons volunteering at a community childcare centre helping with homework, playing games and teaching English. Adventure travel across India's Golden Triangle was all arranged within the itinerary. This included exploring Old & New Delhi, the Pink City of Jaipur and the amazing Taj Mahal. Cultural afternoon & evening activities were arranged for the group including a pottery class, a cooking lesson and a Bollywood movie. As a result, Hassenbrook Academy received a fully tailored and structured itinerary from PMGY for their India experience that was action-packed, insightful and impact-driven.


Where - Hassenbrook Academy travelled to a range of places across their 14 days in India. Arriving into Delhi, the main base of the trip was Faridabad which is a suburb of Delhi and the location of the volunteer projects. Across the itinerary, the group moved onto to explore a range of places in Northern India. Whether it was exploring the old and new of Delhi, visiting temples in Jaipur or taking in the sunrise at the Taj Mahal in Agra, Hassenbrook Academy got to experience India's Golden Triangle to its maximum.

When - Hassenbrook Academy joined PMGY on an overseas group expedition for 2 weeks in July 2019. The school had completed a similar group trip itinerary with PMGY in Sri Lanka in 2017 and 2018. As a result, Hassenbrook Academy has a great collaboration with PMGY and are looking forward to planning another trip to Nepal in 2021.


Why - Hassenbrook Academy are an established school trip partner with PMGY. Over the last two years, they have completed overseas school trips to Sri Lanka and benefitted from the structure, inclusivity and accessibility that PMGY school trips come with. Based on these positive experiences that began with an initial phone call in 2017, Hassenbrook Academy provided its students with the opportunity of the India 2019 trip. The combined travel and volunteer itineraries that PMGY provides at great affordability and quality, means Hassenbrook Academy are a regular and repeat group traveller with PMGY.


How - Following two successful trips to Sri Lanka with PMGY that all began with the ten-step journey above, Hassenbrook Academy had been planning a third trip to Sri Lanka in the summer of 2019. However, external factors in the weeks before the trip was scheduled to take place meant that Hassenbrook Academy could no longer travel to Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, PMGY were pro-active in arranging a similar opportunity to India for the same travel dates at short notice. A similar opportunity that would allow for maximum impact via students volunteering in the local community as well as some adventure travel across India and cultural activities to be enjoyed. Moreover, PMGY were able to change flight schedules that had been originally scheduled for Sri Lanka at no extra cost. Throughout the changes and trip planning for India, the trip leader for Hassenbrook Academy was kept well informed and PMGY completed multiple information and pre-departure sessions with students and parents to ensure they were well informed, had a platform to ask any questions and excited about a new destination. PMGY processes all the visas on Hassenbrook Academy and ensured that the school were well equipped to enjoy a smooth trip in India. On the ground, the team were well prepared with exclusive accommodation for the group, volunteer and travel opportunities all in place and a western coordinator to be with the group from the moment they arrived in India to the moment they departed.


Feedback - "India really was the trip of a lifetime for our students. Naturally, we were initially saddened that through no one's fault we could no longer go back to Sri Lanka for the third year running. However, the blessing in disguise was that we could instead venture to India with PMGY for another fantastic and unforgettable experience. Although on short timescales, PMGY were prompt and so hands-on with making the trip transition so smooth and seamless. We had full trust and confidence that this would be the case given the fact we have been using PMGY school trips for the past 2 years now. Parents and students had any worries and concerns about the trip location changing to India quickly eradicated as Philip from the PMGY team worked tirelessly to keep all stakeholders involved with the trip informed and at ease. Examples of this were through regular phone calls and emails with myself or driving up for information sessions and Q&As with parents, students and staff. In short, we had all become very excited and confident about the trip prospect instore to India with PMGY. From the moment we landed in India, this excitement and confidence only increased. The food was delicious, the culture fascinating and the project work so worthwhile. PMGY had put together such a fantastic and worthwhile itinerary for our school, that was reinforced with great in-country support and amazing travel opportunities. The students experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity with a sunrise tour of the Taj Mahal is something I will never forget. We are already looking forward to planning another trip with PMGY for 2021."


The core of the sample overseas school trip with PMGY to India will be centred around the volunteering schedule and making a positive impact in the local community. The core projects within the sample itinerary that students will be completing volunteer work in is the renovation, teaching and childcare. It is important to note that we also have medical volunteer opportunities in India. As a result, your volunteer schedule can be tailored to include these aspects. Consequently, the sample itinerary and volunteer options included within can be amended to a bespoke India expedition for your school.


Childcare - Like other developing countries, across India, hundreds of thousands of children find themselves lacking opportunities. In other words, many children struggle to receive the early years development they should otherwise be entitled to. Parents often lack the income and resources to provide adequate early years education for their children. Consequently, many of these children find themselves lacking opportunities to get the best start in life. Moreover, children with disabilities face even greater barriers within and outside the Indian education system.


During your school trip in India, students will support children centres in the Faridabad community. Students are required to have masses of energy, enthusiasm and creativity to ensure that contributions to the project can be as successful as possible. Not only do volunteers provide a friendly face to brighten up a child’s day, but they work hard to support and lead activities, making days at the centres fun and productive.


The role of a childcare volunteer in India can vary. Some days, you may work hard to assist the children with homework or a school project. Other days, you may be responsible for arranging activities, games in the park or leading hygiene classes. Childcare volunteers in India must, therefore, be proactive in their role. This means that they must identify the needs of the children each day and coordinate activities accordingly. With any challenge will come reward, meaning that volunteers in India can expect to find their time both rewarding and fun!


English Teaching - India has made some rapid economic advancement in recent years. Despite this, around 28% of the Indian population lives below the poverty line. The disparity of wealth in India is plain to see. It can be shocking to witness the extreme differences in living conditions. However, unfortunately, the slums are a regrettable fact of life in India.


Indian culture places a major emphasis on education, but unfortunately, the education system in India is still a work in progress. For one thing, class sizes go far beyond suitable capacities. Additionally, schools are highly understaffed. The PMGY India team founded the Sector 10 community education project which provides free education, school supplies and uniforms to local children. This aims to encourage parents to let their children go to school. Without this, they may be forced to wander the streets, begging and collecting rubbish to earn money.


The children at the schools range from 3-16. The schools we support are located within the slum areas, making facilities are extremely basic with cramped conditions. However, you will find the spirit of the children and their passion to learn a real joy to behold. English teacher volunteers provide invaluable support to the limited local staff. In particular, the presence of a fluent English speaker brings a major boost to the children’s educational development.


As a volunteer in India, you will lead English and Maths lessons to one or more classes in an underprivileged school. India English teaching volunteers are also welcome to lead other subjects such as Science and Geography.


If you’ve never taught before then there is no need to worry! To be successful in teaching English in India, you just need to be energetic, creative, patient and proactive. Should volunteers require it, our local coordinators can guide you as to how to prepare lessons and what to teach. However, volunteers are required to be proactive in establishing the levels and educational needs of the class.


Renovation in the Slum Community - You can roll up your sleeves and make a positive impact in the local slum communities of Faridabad. This is a great opportunity to help out whilst immersing yourself in the local culture. From slum schools and sanitation systems to health camps and community housing, we have assisted the local community with renovation in a number of different settings across the slums of Faridabad. We support institutions and projects that have little to no income and would otherwise have no capacity to undertake such project work.


Students do not need to have any previous construction or renovation experience, just bags of energy and the willingness to help. Your renovation volunteer program will mainly be during the morning, however, depending on the circumstances and weather conditions, timings may change around a little. The renovation aspect of the programme in India allows participants to provide a tangible impact within the volunteer experience as they make an important contribution within the local community. With your help, we can further support Faridabad’s community and you can do your bit to leave a lasting impression! You will be placed at local establishments that have expressed a great need for volunteers and request help in renovation or restoration work. This will be centralised to the slum community where the need is greatest.


The exact project location for this will be decided closer to the time of the program where the need for a local project will be identified. This will ensure the impact we are making on the renovation project will be valuable and needed. A coordinator will be at hand to help you with your tasks. As a renovation volunteer, you will spend your time helping out with the required tasks that the project desires. For example, you may be busy mixing paint, digging holes, painting fences, assisting builders, scrubbing walls, moving blocks, decorating a room, whatever is required for your local community. Your placement is likely to be outside, so make sure to bring plenty of suncream, a water bottle, and old clothes too!


This is a great project that allows you to get hands-on within the community. By the end of your time with us, you’ll be able to see exactly what you’ve contributed towards, whilst still making a difference in the community afternoon projects as well.


We have put together a sample 14 day itinerary that incorporates the ultimate school trip in India. For the reason that it provides a perfect blend of volunteering, travelling, adventure and cultural immersion. Moreover, the trip itinerary is fully structured and inclusive throughout. However, we understand each school has different objectives from an overseas trip and different criteria to meet. As a result, we can tailor the sample itinerary below into a bespoke itinerary that matches your goals and objectives for an overseas school expedition in India.


In short, we can tailor a trip around your requirements and work with you to create your personalised school trip itinerary so the students and school can get the most from the experience. Whether you wish to extend or shorten the duration of the trip, solely focus on volunteering, or would like to incorporate volunteering into a wider trip with travel opportunities – we can work together to create the perfect itinerary for you. Above all, we will ensure your school trip to India remains fully affordable, structured, safe and inclusive.


Days 1-2 - Arrival & Orientation

Welcome to India! Your group will arrive into Delhi International Airport (Indira Gandhi International Airport). On arrival, you will be greeted by Vishy from the PMGY India team who will be easily visible in his PMGY T-Shirt.


We will then transport you by private bus to your volunteer accommodation in Faridabad. The journey takes around 60 minutes. Faridabad will be your base for the volunteering segments of the trip. You will have the chance to settle into your accommodation and enjoy your first Indian cuisine with a freshly prepared welcome meal awaiting you.


Feeling re-energised after an evening sleep, you will have your first Indian breakfast before beginning your orientation on day 2.


The day will kick-off with the theoretical aspects. During this, our team will cover everything from health and safety, language, money matters, cultural differences, rules and regulations. They will talk you through what is in store for the next 2 weeks. This part of the orientation usually lasts between 1 and 2 hours in the morning.


It’s then time to re-fuel with a filling lunch before getting ready to explore the local area in the afternoon. We will venture out to explore a local temple and visit the market. After a trip to the supermarket to pick up some essential snacks, students will return to the accommodation for a local Indian dinner and catch an early night’s sleep for the busy first day at project tomorrow.

Days 3-5 - Community Volunteering & Cultural Activities

We will start our project work on day 3. After a good breakfast at the accommodation, we will transport you by private transport to the project site. It will be time for everyone to roll up their sleeves as each morning we will be making a tangible hands-on difference directly within the Faridabad community.


We will work as one big group at a designated project where some much-needed renovation will be required in the local slum communities. Project location examples of where the community renovation project could take place include health camps, hospitals, local churches and primary schools. The exact project location for this will be decided closer to the time of your expedition whereby the need for a local project will be identified. This will ensure the impact we are making on the renovation project will be valuable and needed.


After busy mornings volunteering, it will be time for a well-earned Indian lunch to top up energy levels. After lunch, you will spend a little time preparing and then departing for your afternoon community project. This will be at a childcare community-based setting. The emphasis at the childcare projects will be teaching English, helping with homework and planning activities and games to make the sessions as productive and engaging as possible.


It will be time for everyone to increase energy levels and prepare lots of games and activities as we spend our mornings supporting local kindergartens and childcare centres. You will play a crucial role in interacting with the children, keeping them entertained, building their confidence and teaching them basic English, life and social skills. There may also be the opportunity to improve the infrastructure of some of the kindergartens and centres we support with some light renovation and painting.


On each of your evenings in Faridabad, we will provide cultural and fun activities for you to enjoy. This will allow you to immerse yourself into the Indian culture and lifestyle further and ensure your days remain action-packed! Examples will include watching a Bollywood movie, partaking in a pottery class and enjoying a cooking lesson.

Day 6 - Old Delhi

It’s time for our first full day of exploring as we head into Old Delhi. The walled city of Old Delhi is always fast-paced so we will need to make sure to keep up with the buzzing locals.


We will first visit The Red Fort, a historic fort which housed emperors for over 200 years. We will stroll the grounds and take in the overwhelming sites of Delhi’s most famous landmark.


Our next temple of the trip will be the Hindu temple, Birla Mandir. This major Delhi monument is home to some of the most beautiful buildings we will see on this trip.


We will finish the day at 7 wonders of world park. Make sure you bring your camera, as in just one park we will get to see all 7 wonders of the world! Maybe not the real ones, but this park holds replicas of all 7 famous monuments, and it is all made out of scrap and recycled material. So, snap away and enjoy these iconic buildings. We will return back to the accommodation in time for the evening meal.

Day 7 - New Delhi

We will wake up bright and early as we head back into Delhi. It’s out with the old and in with the new as today we take in a full day exploring New Delhi. We will have breakfast at the accommodation and drive around 1 hour to get into the hustle and bustle of the capital. The day will include famous sites around the city.


Our first stop will be the Lodhi Gardens, one of Delhi’s most picturesque parks. We’ll get a chance to stroll around the beautiful grounds exploring the famous tombs or kick back and enjoy the incredible buildings such as the beautiful dome building. Across the day we will also make our way to the imposing India Gate located in the heart of New Delhi. The Arc de Triomphe-style gate commemorates the Indian soldiers that lost their lives in the First World War.


We’ll also visit Humayun’s Tomb, a splendid site built-in memory of Emperor Humayun. Learn about the life of the Emperor as we explore the grounds and get an insight into the history of the country.


Our final stop of the day will be the Gandhi Museum, where we will learn about the life and principles of the famous Mahatma Gandhi. Get an insight into the man who led India into independence. Learn about his teachings that altered the whole country into what it is today.


We will return to the accommodation for dinner and have the rest of the evening free to ensure you have some time to relax after our hectic couple of days in the crazy capital.

Days 8-10 - Community Volunteering & Cultural Activities Continue

After two days full of sightseeing and exploring, it’s time to continue our volunteer project work in Faridabad. The projects will run in the same structure as previously with both morning and afternoon sessions running and lunch provided in between.


With the renovation project now completed, we will continue our morning volunteer work in the slum community but this time in the classroom. Your mornings will now be focussed on teaching English in the Sector 10 project our local team have established. The project will be your base and this has been established to support children from Faridabad’s local slum community. Play your part in providing free basic primary education to children from very underprivileged backgrounds. Teach English, Maths and lead the daily assembly with nursery rhymes and dance.


You will continue your afternoon volunteering on the childcare project. This will be at the same location as your first week. Hopefully, you can now begin to see real progress as you get to know the children a little better. Cultural activities will continue in the evenings with a yoga class and a Bollywood dance class.

Days 11-12 - Jaipur - The Pink City, Stairwells & Temples

After the final days of volunteering and giving back to the community in Faridabad, it will be time to travel and explore the world-famous India golden triangle, starting with Jaipur. We will be leaving early in the morning as the drive to Jaipur from Faridabad is approximately 5 hours.


We’ll kick off the trip with an early departure from the accommodation as we make the long drive to Jaipur. The first port of call in the pink city will be the visit to the Amber Fort, the former palace of the Kachchawahs. Amber Fort sits on a hilltop and faces out over the Maota Lake. It’s a truly beautiful sight to behold.


We will then travel onto the Albert Hall Museum, Hawa Mahal and Jal Mahal (a palace located in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur city). Take the evening to rest up and relax as we have another full day of exploring Jaipur to follow after a good nights sleep!


Day 12 provides another exciting opportunity to explore the famous pink city further. After breakfast, it’s time to begin our day of exploration before we head to Agra.


We will begin at Charan Mandir, an ancient Hindu temple, dedicated to the honour of Lord Krishna. Built like a mini fortress, and located deep within the forest, the temple was created before Jaipur was even established. It is believed that Lord Krishna once stepped through the grounds of the temple! Not only does this temple represent a significant place of worship, but it also offers a stunning panoramic view of the city and surrounding forests.


Our second stop of the day is to Chand Baori Stepwell. This landmark is believed to be one of the oldest, and most picturesque in the region. Stepwells are pond-type structures, encased within a staircase enclosure. They are a type of storage tank, created with an intention to manage seasonal fluctuations in water availability by conserving water. In the past, Chand Baori was a hotspot for members of the Jaipur community during the heated summer months, who gathered together in an attempt to cool down by the waters.


Our final stop in Jaipur is Jagat Shiromani Temple, another Hindu temple, this time dedicated to the Hindu Gods of not only Krishna but Meera bai and Vishnu. We will then travel another 5 hours to the historic city of Agra in the evening where we will have dinner and get a good night’s sleep ready to be up early for the big day tomorrow.

Day 13 - The Taj Mahal & Agra Fort

Time to get up early for one of the most memorable days you will ever have, to explore one of the wonders of the world!


The Taj Mahal needs no introduction. Arguably the most beautiful building in the world, the Taj Mahal is the undoubted sightseeing highlight of any trip to India. We’ll be up bright and early as we make our way to the Taj Mahal for sunrise – epic photo opportunities guaranteed. An English speaking guide will teach us all about the story which inspired the building of the Taj Mahal and the tragedy involved in creating it.


We will then spend the rest of the day exploring Agra Fort nearby and its historic fort. The Agra Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site not to be missed and is more informally described as ‘the walled city’.


After a full morning at the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, we’ll get something to eat, go round one of the local markets and then head back to the accommodation after what has been an action-packed weekend trip in the North of India!


We will return to the accommodation in the evening time. Use your final night in India to reflect on what an amazing 2 weeks it has been.

Day 14 - Farwell Faridabad & Hometime

Sadly, all good things must come to an end as we spend our last day in Faridabad. There will be a chance to say final farewells at the community projects, have one last supper with the team and head to the market for any last-minute souvenirs.


Our team will transfer you back to Delhi International Airport in good time for your return flight home. It’s been a great two weeks!



During your school trip to India, you will predominantly stay in hotel-style accommodation. All accommodation is comfortable, secure and vetted. The first hotel is located in Faridabad, where the volunteer segment of your trip will take place. This will be the base of your stay across your 2 weeks in India. You will be located in a peaceful and safe part of town.


Each room is provided with fans, bed linen and mosquito nets and will fit up to 8 people per room (same-sex). Teachers will have their own separate rooms. There are communal areas for students to relax, play games and prepare lesson plans for the teaching project. There is also a kitchen with a refrigerator to store any items you need to keep chilled.


You will have cupboard space to store clothes and accessories; we encourage you to bring some small padlocks/store any valuables with the local team. We will transport you via private transport to and from your project every day.



Bathrooms are shared. Each bathroom has a shower and western style toilet. The water is cold but this shouldn’t be a problem as India is hot and humid all year round! A member of our local team will also live at the accommodation as well. This ensures you have round the clock support and security.


During the travelling aspect of the trip, you will stay in our partner hotels in the various places we will visit. This will include when exploring the Golden Triangle and spending 1 night in Jaipur and 1 night in Agra. You will share a room with fellow students and this will usually be up to six people per room (same-sex). All rooms will be fanned and have western bathrooms. The rooms are basic but very clean and comfortable. Teachers will again be provided with their own rooms.


You will be served three meals per day during your school trip to India. Meals will be provided at the accommodation in Faridabad when volunteering. Across the travelling days in India, there will be either buffet options or set menu options to choose from at local restaurants. Most meals are traditional Indian dishes. Typically, these are made up of vegetarian ingredients. Our team do their best to ensure that dishes are not too spicy, however, remain flavoursome.



Indian cuisine consists of a wide variety of regional and traditional cuisines native to the Indian subcontinent. Biryani is one of the most famous foods in India. It is a mixed rice dish. All meals will be freshly-prepared each day. On occasion, the local team will prepare western dishes, such as pasta and vegetarian burgers. It’s best to avoid tap water in India. Bottled water is available everywhere.


Here is an example of the meals you can expect:

* Please note our local team will do their best to cater for all dietary requirements. Any dietary requirements will be requested by the PMGY team in advance of your school trip arrival into India. Such details will be forwarded to the local team, but it is a good idea for the relevant staff/student to re-iterate any dietary requirements to the local team on arrival into the country.







14 days
975 USD
249 USD
1,224 USD

* These fees apply to each individual student.


In order to confirm your school trip to India with PMGY, you need to pay a trip deposit fee of 249 USD per each student is then due no less than 60 days prior to your India trip start date. During this period if you need to make a change to your trip (destination, itinerary or trip numbers) then we will aim to facilitate this without any administration fees. Furthermore, we are happy to facilitate an instalment payment option should this be more beneficial for your school.


Payments can be made via bank transfer and PMGY will create and send the invoices and payment receipt details once the trip numbers are confirmed. Alternatively, we can establish payment links directly through our website using all major debit and credit cards. We will outline instructions to make payment in our email communication with you. Please note credit card payments are subject to a 5% additional fee to cover the bank charges that PMGY incur.



The prices are based on group numbers of 20+ and do not include flights or insurance (these can be arranged separately through PMGY). For every 10 participants, we are able to provide 1 free spot for the staff or academic leaders. Consequently, no trip deposit fee or Program Fee will be required for each staff or academic leader participant on the trip.


Included in the Fees - 2 x pre-departure briefing sessions, financial protection, airport transfers, private transportation across India and to/from project, 3 meals a day, all accommodation, volunteer placements, travel activities including all applicable entrance fees, cultural activities, 24/7 International & Indian based support, extensive pre-departure support opportunities, PMGY India t-shirt and an International Certificate of Completion. (Teachers will receive all of these inclusions complimentary).







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