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Organise your 2 week school trip to Bali today! Teachers travel free and your 14 days in Bali will be fully structured, inclusive and led by our experienced team. Your first week will have you based in the traditional town of Tabanan for the volunteering part of the trip and giving back to the local community. You will receive an orientation into life in Bali and an introduction into Balinese culture before your volunteering begins. You will volunteer in the heart of the Tabanan community as you support a wildlife rescue centre, provide free English lessons for the community and keep children entertained at local kindergartens. Each evening we will run cultural activities such as a visit to Tabanan Royal Palace and a yoga class.


After the first week of giving back to the Tabanan community, it will be time to explore Bali further as the adventure travel begins in week two of your Bali expedition. Your adventure travel will begin with three days R&R in the Gili Islands and then back to mainland Bali for visits to temples and ricefields. A sunrise hike will follow up Mount Batur before resting those legs at Toya Devasya Hot Springs. Your next port of call is the vibrant town of Ubud where you will enjoy shopping, waterfalls and monkeys. You will finish your 14 days in Bali with sunset at Tanah Lot Temple. Everything is included in your 2 week Bali expedition from the airport transfers and meals to accommodation, entrance fees and cultural activities.





Plan My Gap Year has the expertise, experience and networks to make your Bali expedition accessible, safe and stress-free. We pride ourselves on safety management and we have risk assessment documentation for all our overseas trips including to Bali that outlines how we ensure participants are kept safe while overseas.


Organising an overseas trip for your school involves lots of preparation. From flights and insurance to pre-trip training and that’s even before you’ve looked at organising the itinerary! So that’s where PMGY come in. We really do specialise in the school's overseas expedition area providing exclusive group trips whilst accommodating large groups of students, on full board options, with great community project work and travel opportunities. We can organise:


As a social initiative, we are able to guarantee affordable prices without sacrificing the quality of our programs. We frequently have groups joining our programs as they are looking for a more affordable alternative to their existing provider. We can tailor a trip around your requirements and work with you to create your personalised school trip itinerary. So why not follow the PMGY ten-step journey below to making your bespoke school trip to Bali a reality!


Step 1: Arrange a Call - Should this trip be the one for you, get in touch by email or call and one of our school expedition specialists can discuss and tailor your Bali school trip. Alternatively, let us know the best way to reach out to you and we will do so at a time convenient to you.


Step 2: Meet & Greet - After initial contact has been made and ideas progressed, our school expedition specialist will travel to meet you and any of your colleagues in person. As a result, a face can then be put to the name, the Bali trip planning can be evolved and any initial questions can be answered.


Step 3: Information Session - Once the itinerary, duration and dates are in place for your trip to Bali, our school trip specialist will come and host an information session with all interested students and parents. We will convey all necessary content and information about the trip and hold a Q&A session after the presentation to ensure all attendees are as informed as possible before signing up.


Step 4: Confirm Trip Numbers - Once the internal school deadline for registrations has passed and the trip numbers are known, PMGY will arrange the invoice procedures for the overall group deposit payment to confirm the trip go ahead. For every 10 students, 1 teacher spot will be provided for free! We can also arrange and provide flights and insurance options for all travellers should this be applicable.


Step 5: PMGY Pre-departure Support - Throughout the build-up to your Bali school trip, we will be on hand to support you whatever way possible. Whether it be through creating your bespoke trip handbook, completing risk assessments, communicating safety management procedures or providing project preparation webinars, we will have all bases covered.


Step 6: Pre-departure Session - Around 2 months before your school trip begins in Bali, we will come to your school and do a final pre-departure session with staff, students and parents. This will ensure that everything is in place before your school head overseas and the content covered will align with this accordingly. We will also distribute PMGY T-shirts to all travellers at the session!


Step 7: Before You Go - In the days before your arrival into Bali, we will be in close and regular contact with you to make sure everything is in place for your trip. This will include a range of emails and phone calls ensuring your arrival procedures are all in place, dietary requirements & medical conditions are catered for and that our ground team in Bali are well prepared for your school's arrival.


Step 8: Enjoy the Trip! - When on the trip, our ground team will become your day to day port of call. We will touch base with them daily to make sure your trip is running smoothly. If required, we will be available 24/7 from afar. We will check in with you across the trip to see how everything is going. We know you will be in safe hands with our trusted, experienced and vetted ground teams!


Step 9: Return Home - By the time our team have dropped you safely back at Denpasar Airport, the travel blues may already be starting to kick in! We hope all the students and staff have had an unforgettable trip! Each trip participant will receive a certificate of completion. Furthermore, we will check in one final time with you in the days after your trip for feedback on your Bali experience.


Step 10: Future Planning - After a few weeks away from Bali and once the travel blues have well and truly settled in, it's now time to be planning your next school trip with PMGY to create more magical memories! Whether it be back to Bali or to a new destination, PMGY will be on hand every step of the way again to facilitate your new adventure. Back to Step one we go!


Who - NCS Calderdale from the United Kingdom. 29 students and 3 staff member from NCS Calderdale travelled to Bali on a group trip expedition with PMGY.


What - A 14 day expedition to Bali in total. The first half of the trip focussed on community volunteering in Tabanan. This ranged from childcare and teaching in the local community to working at a wildlife rescue centre, completing beach cleans and renovating & painting a kindergarten playground. The second half of the trip centred on adventure travel across Bali and the nearby Gili Islands. Cultural activities were all arranged to keep the students entertained and learning in evenings. This included soaking up at the local hot springs, enjoying a yoga class, visiting Tabanan Royal Palace and more light-hearted karaoke and quiz nights. The adventure travel that followed was a great way to see the highlights of Bali in such a short space of time. It was action-packed and included R&R, snorkelling and spectacular sunsets on Gili Islands, temples & ricefields, volcano hikes, shopping in Ubud and exploring monkey forests and waterfalls.


Where - NCS Calderdale experienced so much and a range of locations in their 14 days in Bali. Arriving into Denpasar in the Kuta region, the main segment of the trip was the community volunteer placements in the traditional town of Tabanan. This was the groups base for the first 7 days. Afterwards, the group moved onto to explore the majority of Bali and its surrounding Gili Islands. Whether it was the beaches of Gili T, the rice terraces of Tegalalang, the volcano of Mount Batur or the vibrant town of Ubud, NCS Calderdale experienced the breadth of Bali.


When - NCS Calderdale joined PMGY on an overseas group expedition for 2 weeks in July 2019. The NCS group had completed similar group trips with PMGY in destinations like Vietnam and Sri Lanka. It became clear that Bali had become a firm favourite with NCS as they confirmed to return on a similar trip itinerary with PMGY to Bali in August 2020!


Why - NCS Calderdale and its affiliate groups are an established partner with PMGY group trips. Over the last few years, they have completed a range of overseas group trips with trust and confidence in the quality and affordability of the trips provided by PMGY. These include trips to Morocco, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. Based on these continued positive experiences, NCS Calderdale provided its students with the opportunity of the Bali 2019 trip. PMGY make the trip so accessible with its affordability, inclusivity and structure, that the trip hit capacity with 29 students travelling and many more left wanting to join. The combined travel and volunteer itineraries that PMGY provides at great affordability and inclusivity, means NCS Calderdale are a regular and repeat group traveller with PMGY. In short, the overseas trips PMGY provides match the needs and wants of the NCS group at very affordable, accessible and inclusive pricing.


How - Following successful trips in the past with PMGY, NCS Calderdale reached out looking for new overseas opportunities to volunteer and travel. Bali was a new option for the group and was as a flagship destination, it came recommended by PMGY to NCS Calderdale staff planning the trip. The itinerary was proposed and positive discussions held between PMGY and NCS on phone calls and emails. Eventually, Josh from the PMGY team travelled North in late 2018 to hold an information session with interested staff, parent and students followed by a Q&A session. The trip details were shared and questions were answered with a huge turnout of up to 100 people at the event. The trip was limited to 29 students, and within 1 month of the session deposits were paid, places confirmed and the trip was all set for NCS Calderdale to head to Bali with PMGY in the summer of 2019.


Feedback - "From being overseas with PMGY on a succession of trips, we always wonder how they manage to make each trip better than the last. Bali was no different. Trip planning and preparation was as seamless as ever with the PMGY team with whom we also arranged students insurance. Communications were always prompt and the pre-departure trip support was smooth right up until the day we flew out of Manchester for Bali. When we arrived in Bali, we received the friendliest of welcomes from the Bali local team which included a western co-ordinator in Brandon who was a contact point for our group throughout. This really added to the trip value and not something we had expected. From the very start, the trip superseded all our expectations. The food was always delicious and plentiful, the accommodation much more luxurious than expected and the team were so attentive to our groups' needs and wants. This included small details such as ensuring all dietary requirements were catered for and that all students could share rooms with their closest of friends on the trip. The adventure travel was so much fun and went so smoothly as we visited some fantastic places in the Gili Islands and Ubud Town as well as experiences not to be forgotten with volcano sunrises, historical temples and meeting the monkeys! However, the highlights had to come in the first week where we not only learnt more about Balinese culture, but we could also give so much back to the Tabanan community. Whether this was through teaching English, collecting dozens of bags of rubbish on a beach clean or painting and renovating a new playground at a primary school, I feel our group got to leave a positive legacy from our time volunteering in Tabanan. We can't wait to go back to Bali with PMGY next year!"


The core of the sample overseas school trip with PMGY to Bali will be centred around the volunteering schedule and making a positive impact in the local community. The core projects within the sample itinerary that students will be completing volunteer work in are wildlife rescue, teaching and childcare. It is important to note that we also have medical volunteer opportunities in Bali. As a result, your volunteer schedule can be tailored to include these aspects. Consequently, the sample itinerary and volunteer options included within can be amended to a bespoke Bali expedition for your school.


Childcare - In Bali, it can be difficult to afford a high standard of care or education for their children, particularly for families in the relentless farming and fishing industries. Therefore as a childcare volunteer in Bali, you can support struggling families and childcare centres. By complementing the work of local staff members we can ensure that these children receive the attention and support that they deserve.


It has been suggested that pre-school years are the most important years of a child’s life and an ideal time for learning a foreign language. Above all, this makes time with international volunteers invaluable. Subsequently, as a childcare volunteer in Bali, you can focus on educating the children with very basic English skills. For example speaking and vocabulary, such as colours, shapes and animals.


We work with local kindergarten/childcare centres founded by our local team. Naturally, the creation of the childcare project by our local team within the heart of the Tabanan community means the project is very close to their hearts. There are currently around 20 children who are sponsored to attend the kindergarten and our team have ambitious plans to keep increasing the numbers of children that can come to project month by month. Students will play a crucial role in interacting with the children, keeping them entertained, building their confidence and teaching them basic English, life and social skills.


Children generally age from the younger age brackets of 2-3 years of age to the upper ages of 6 years old. We have close links with a range of kindergartens in the Tabanan area which the groups may be supporting at. Students are encouraged to structure the childcare volunteer session to ensure they get the balance right between keeping it fun with play activities, but keeping it controlled and routined with some basic learning activities. Local coordinators will be on hand at the project to support volunteers.


Outside of the learning and activities, students may also be able to complete some renovation and painting activities at the kindergarten and childcare centres we support in Tabanan. Whether it be painting walls or renovating a playground, this will be of great infrastructure to support and certainly leave a legacy of your time at the project.


English Teaching - English is a key component in both the formal and informal industries that exist in Bali, as well as the communication mediums that underpin them. This ranges from the schools, offices and banks to the shops and restaurants that make up much of the booming tourist industry in Indonesia today.


PMGY’s volunteer teaching English abroad program gives volunteers the chance to really make a difference by opening up possibilities of developing English for local children in Tabanan. The explosion of tourism in Bali means the need to speak English has never been greater. Though English is taught in school by a local Balinese teacher, the opportunity to converse with a native, fluent English speaker is invaluable.


Your schedule will be mixed when you volunteer to teach English in Bali. You’ll spend your time across the different projects where we provide free English lessons in Tabanan, with the main placement being at the Akasa Foundation. This is a community learning centre founded by our local team in 2011. Having lived within the Tabanan community her whole life, the local team noticed a lack of opportunity for children from less well-off families to thrive within the educational system. Consequently, this drove the team to set up the Foundation and to seek the help of international volunteers. A major goal of the centre is to provide basic education to preschoolers from low-income backgrounds, in preparation for eventually joining the local school. The Akasa Foundation runs 3 classes: Kindergarten (3-4 years), Beginners (5-7 years) and Advanced (8-14 years) classes. You will partner up with other students to lead classes in what is a largely informal setting.


Your main role as a volunteer in Bali at this project will be sharing your time, knowledge and skills to the local communities. Moreover, by boosting their confidence in spoken and conversational English you can help to maximise their potential. The project is afternoon based. Dependent on student numbers and the schedule, we can also partner with local schools in the Tabanan community where you will support English teaching in a more formal classroom format.


As a volunteer teaching English in Bali, you are required to be creative and very patient, although a local teacher will act as a guide. We generally find that the more students prepare for their day then the more they and the children get from the whole experience. You will find Balinese children warm, friendly and eager to learn.


Wildlife Rescue, Beach Cleans & Mangroves - Indonesia is home to hundreds of different species of animals, many of which find themselves dispersed by deforestation whilst the country expands it’s exporting of goods like palm oil and rubber. As a result, there are now seven centres in the whole of the country that rehabilitate and release endangered animals into their native habitat in the wild. PMGY Bali wildlife rescue volunteers will gain great insight and opportunity to join in on the care of these animals at the wildlife rescue centre.


Within the centre, you will find a range of animals that were victims of poachers and traffickers. The primates and birds looked after have usually been rescued from markets, private homes and businesses where they were kept as pets or for entertainment purposes. This is a huge problem in Indonesia, displacing wild animals from their natural habitats and separating them from their families. Most importantly, these animals need extra care, attention and enrichment in order to improve their wellbeing and daily lives.


Students will volunteer to give endangered animals daily support and enrich their lives. In addition, students will also get involved in additional opportunities to support the wildlife and environment in Bali. For instance, tackling environmental issues via mangrove restoration and beach cleans.


At the Bali wildlife rescue centre, students can get involved in work across a number of different projects. The focus here is on the daily care, wellbeing and rehabilitation of many different species, with the goal to release them back into the wild if they are healthy and equipped with the necessary skills to survive. Many of the animals at the centre have been displaced, injured or rescued with over 40 endangered primates and bird species living at the centre. Examples include the Javan Lutung, Southern Pig-Tailed Macaque, Grey-Headed Fish Eagle, Southern Cassowary and Palm Cockatoo.


Students will support the daily activities at the centre. Examples include helping with feeding as students cut and prepare meals based on the species you are working with and learn about the types of food that are best. Furthermore, students will engage in enrichment activities and social interaction where possible as well as enclosure cleaning and general maintenance at the centre.


Plastic pollution is becoming a huge problem worldwide and our Bali wildlife rescue volunteers aim to fight the battle against this environmental catastrophe. Students will support this during the expedition in Bali by getting involved in the regular beach cleans that are driven by our local team. Students will visit local beaches to collect disregarded items, before correctly disposing and recycling these. In addition, we also work with local people to create an even bigger impact, by educating them about environmental conservation and recycling.


Students will also work with local villages to restore existing mangroves, which have been affected by climate change and littering. Under the supervision of our local team, students will work directly with the villages to help them plant mangrove plants and educate the villagers about restoring ecosystems and environmental conservation.


We have put together a sample 14 day itinerary that incorporates the ultimate school trip in Bali. For the reason that it provides a perfect blend of volunteering, travelling, adventure and cultural immersion. Moreover, the trip itinerary is fully structured and inclusive throughout. However, we understand each school has different objectives from an overseas trip and different criteria to meet. As a result, we can tailor the sample itinerary below into a bespoke itinerary that matches your goals and objectives for an overseas school expedition in Bali.


In short, we can tailor a trip around your requirements and work with you to create your personalised school trip itinerary so the students and school can get the most from the experience. Whether you wish to extend or shorten the duration of the trip, solely focus on volunteering, or would like to incorporate volunteering into a wider trip with travel opportunities – we can work together to create the perfect itinerary for you. Above all, we will ensure your school trip to Bali remains fully affordable, structured, safe and inclusive.


Days 1-2 - Arrival & Orientation

Welcome to Bali! Your group will arrive at Denpasar International Airport (Ngurah Rai International Airport). On arrival, you will be greeted by Ketut and Indra from the PMGY Bali team who will be easily visible in their PMGY T-Shirts.


We will then transport you by private bus to your volunteer accommodation in Tabanan. The journey takes around 90 minutes. Tabanan will be your base for the first week of your school trip in Bali with PMGY. You will have the chance to settle into your accommodation and enjoy your first Balinese cuisine with a freshly prepared welcome meal awaiting you.


Feeling re-energised after an evening sleep, you will have your first Balinese breakfast before beginning your orientation on day 2.


In the orientation, our local team will begin to teach you about life in Bali, do’s and don’ts, religion and the local culture. This will continue with a preview of your trip itinerary, safety advice and a presentation of all the projects we support in the community.


In the afternoon, our local coordinator will take you to see some of the famous sites around Tabanan, including the Subak Museum which incorporates collections of Balinese traditional agriculture tools as well as a visit to the traditional Tabanan night market. Finally, you will also have the chance to change money, go to the ATM and visit the supermarket.


After a full day induction to life in Bali, it’s time to reflect on your first full day in this amazing country. Tomorrow will be the start of your volunteering and giving back to the Tabanan community.

Days 3-5 - Childcare & Teaching Volunteering & Cultural Activities

We will start our project work on day 3. After a good breakfast at the accommodation, we will transport you by private transport to the project site.


It will be time for everyone to increase energy levels and prepare lots of games and activities as we spend our mornings supporting local kindergartens and childcare centres. You will play a crucial role in interacting with the children, keeping them entertained, building their confidence and teaching them basic English, life and social skills. There may also be the opportunity to improve the infrastructure of some of the kindergartens and centres we support with some light renovation and painting.


After busy mornings volunteering, it will be time to return to the volunteer accommodation ready for a well-earned Balinese lunch to top up energy levels.


Following lunch, students will spend a little time preparing for the afternoon community teaching volunteer project. We will transport you to the community afterschool project by private transport. The program is initiated, funded and ran by PMGY providing free English lessons and education opportunities for children traditionally from poorer communities.


On each of your evenings in Tabanan, we will provide cultural and fun activities for you to enjoy. This will allow you to immerse yourself into the Balinese culture and lifestyle further and ensure your days remain action-packed! Examples will include a yoga class and a hot springs session.

Days 6-7 - Wildlife Rescue Volunteering & Cultural Activities

Days 6 and 7 will be your final days of the volunteer schedule for your school trip in Bali. You will play a direct role in supporting our wildlife rescue program over the next couple of days. This will include supporting at our wildlife rescue centre as well as getting stuck into beach cleans and mangrove conservation.


Whilst on the wildlife project, you will work alongside the animal keeper and other staff members who have years of experience interacting with animals. Examples of your tasks will include helping with all feeding, cleaning, enrichment and maintenance activities. In addition, students will visit local beaches to collect disregarded items, before correctly disposing and recycling these. Finally, students will work directly with local villages to restore existing mangroves and plant new ones.


In the evenings, we will continue with our cultural activities including a visit to Tabanan Royal Palace and a Karaoke night. Tomorrow will be where the fun and adventure section of the trip really begins as we spend our second week travelling across Bali beginning with the Gili Islands.

Day 8 - Arrival into Gili Islands

After a full week volunteering and giving back to the community in Tabanan, it’s now time to spend the second week exploring and travelling what this amazing country has to offer!


Of to Gili we go! The Gili’s are a tiny group of three practically untouched palm-fringed, paradise islands just an hour and a half by boat from Bali. Each island has its own unique character. Trawangan Island is our home for the next few days! Universally known as Gili T, this is by far the most cosmopolitan, with its vibrant lifestyle and tropical chic accommodation and restaurants.


It hasn’t lost its serene atmosphere though, with no cars, motorbikes (or dogs!) and you can walk everywhere or maybe thumb a lift on a local horse and cart! There is so much you can squeeze out of your 3 days here, from some of the best snorkelling and kayaking in Indonesia to hiring a bike to cycle around the 3km long islet, stopping for picnics and swimming in the crystal clear waters en route.


It’s an early start on the morning of day 8 but it’s worth it to make the best of the weekend and be on your paradise island for 11am, ready to spend the day on the beach, on the water or on your bike. There will be a 2 hour drive from the accommodation to the harbour and then a 2 hour boat ride from the mainland to the islands meaning you will have to be ready to depart the accommodation bright and early around 7am. When you arrive at Gili T, you will have a chance to drop off your bags, collect a push-bike before heading to a local restaurant for a buffet lunch. The rest of day 8 will be yours to explore the island as you wish or simply soak up the Balinese sun on one of the islands many beaches. We will reconvene on the far side of the island for a spectacular Balinese sunset before enjoying our first evening meal on the island.

Days 9-10 - Gili T - Beach, Snorkelling, Viewpoints & Sunsets

The morning of day 9 will see you heading out to the ocean to enjoy all the underwater beauty of the Gilis. The waters around the islands are shallow, and occasional sightings of sea turtles roaming freely will be an added bonus. You’ll visit 3-4 snorkelling sites including the famous underwater statues, with a quick stop in Gili Air to grab a snack.


The snorkelling will last around 4 hours from start to finish, before returning to Gili T for a late lunch. After lunch, it’s time to explore the island a little bit more of the beaten track! Our local team will lead a short trek for the group to hike the treasure hill of Gili Trawangan. Gili Trawangan is the only island among the Gilis with a hill that you can climb up to discover a couple of great finds. Firstly, a mysterious shrine sits adjacent to a Muslim burial site, then further up is the crumbling remnants of a WWII Japanese machine-gun bunker. And upon reaching the top, you will claim your prize of a birds’ eye-view of the surrounding waters and the majestic outlines of Mount Rinjani on the neighbouring island of Lombok.


We will then settle as a group and remain on the adjacent side of the island to take in what will hopefully be a beautiful sunset and get your pictures on the famous Gili swings. There is a row of restaurants lighting up the shores of Trawangan and there is usually some fire dancers and fireworks on the sand to add to the nightly spectaculars!


We’ll not leave Gili until 3pm on the afternoon of day 10. Therefore, you’ve got the best part of the day to relax, sunbathe, snorkel, beach comb and we will squeeze in lunch for you too. As long as the weather conditions are smooth, we will expect to be back in Bali in the evening time just in time for dinner!

Day 11 - Temples & Rice Paddies

After an early breakfast, we drive to Gunung Kawi Temple based around the Pakerisan River North East of Ubud. It comprises 10 rock-cut Candi (shrines) that are carved into some 7-metre-high (23 ft) sheltered niches of the sheer cliff face. These funeral monuments are thought to be dedicated to King Anak Wungsu of the Udayana dynasty and his favourite queens.


On-route to Ubud we will next visit the Bali Tegalalang Rice Terrace. This area is a famous tourist attraction for beautiful rice terraces and has been designed with exquisite beauty in its hollowing rice field. It is precisely located on the hill bank showing off its spectacular panorama view of the valley with rice terrace and coconut trees that ornament it. You will see the Balinese farmers do their rice field routines complete with its system irrigation. We will have our lunch here surrounded by beautiful scenery.


The final stop of the day is Tirta Empul, a magnificent temple complex devoted to Vishnu, the Hindu God of Water, which dates back to 926 A.D. After admiring the striking temple, it’s time to put on a traditional sarong and sash, and head to the Holy Spring to take part in a blessing ceremony. Once you’ve made an offering to the Gods, you will be led into the pool by the temple priest to be blessed in the sacred waters. It’s time to get an early night after dinner as we have a very early start for the hike up Mount Batur to coordinate for an impressive sunrise at the summit!!

Day 12 - Mount Batur, Hot Springs & Ubud

Rise and shine! It’s 2am and time to depart the hostel for the trek of Mount Batur! You will arrive at the starting point of the hike in Toyabugnkah Village around 03:45 and begin the hike from here. Just after 6am you will make it to the top of Mount Batur and arrive at the conveniently named ‘Sunrise Point’ to hopefully take in a very impressive sunrise that the lack of sleep will make up for! At 7am we will continue the trek around the entire crater before beginning the descent at the finishing point around an hour later back down to Toyabungkah Village.


From the village, we will head directly to Toya Devasya Hot Springs where you have earned some well-deserved rest and relaxation for the next few hours.


After lunch, we will head into Ubud where you will have free time to navigate all the hustle and bustle Ubud centre represents. Whether you want to pick up souvenirs at the local markets, grab some coffee from the huge range of cafes or take in some of the ancient sites; the afternoon is completely free for you to explore.


We will have dinner in Ubud and you will have the evening to soak up the atmosphere in the centre of town.

Day 13 - Monkey Forest, Waterfalls & Sunset in Tanah

After breakfast, we’ll begin the day a little later around 10am heading to the infamous Ubud Monkey Forest. after breakfast in Ubud and drive back to Tabanan. The Ubud Monkey Forest is a nature reserve and Hindu temple complex. Its official name is the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary and as its name suggests you are sure to encounter many monkeys across the morning! After visiting the Monkey forest, we will stop for lunch.


We will end the afternoon with a walk up to Tegenungan Waterfall located in the sacred river of Petanu River. This is a really fun waterfall to visit in Bali and there are many steps to go down to the river if you would like to see the waterfall closer.


Our trip will end in Tanah to see the sunset. The Tanah Lot temple was built and has been a part of Balinese mythology for centuries. The temple is one of seven sea temples around the Balinese coast. After taking in the sunset, it’s time to head to Kuta which is the last stop for the itinerary.

Day 14 - Kuta & Hometime

Sadly, all good things must come to an end as we head south from Tanah to the coastal city of Kuta. Located on the west coast of Bali, Kuta is situated within close proximity of the airport for departure.


It is a popular beach town and will allow you to relax and reflect on a fantastic two weeks in Bali. In addition, there are plenty of options to pick up some last-minute souvenirs from the range of shops and stalls available to browse. Furthermore, it will provide a convenient transit gateway for our team to transfer you back to Denpasar International Airport in good time for your return flight home. It’s been a great two weeks!



During your school trip to Bali, you will predominantly stay in hotel-style accommodation. All accommodation is comfortable, secure and vetted. The first hotel is located in Tabanan, where the volunteer segment of your trip will take place. You will be based here for the first week of your stay in a peaceful and safe part of town.


Each room is provided with fans, bed linen and mosquito nets and will fit up to 8 people per room (same-sex). Teachers will have their own separate rooms. There are communal areas for students to relax, play games and prepare lesson plans for the teaching project. There is also a kitchen with a refrigerator to store any items you need to keep chilled.


You will have cupboard space to store clothes and accessories; we encourage you to bring some small padlocks/store any valuables with the local team. We will transport you via private transport to and from your project every day.



Bathrooms are shared. Each bathroom has a shower and western style toilet. The water is cold but this shouldn’t be a problem as Bali is hot and humid all year round! A member of our local team will also live at the accommodation as well as an on-sight overnight security guard. This ensures you have round the clock support and security.


During the travelling aspect of the trip, you will stay in our partner hotels and occasional hostel in the various places we will visit. This will include 2 nights in the Gili Islands & the town of Ubud and 1 night near Mount Batur & Kuta. You will share a room with fellow students and this will usually be up to six people per room (same-sex). All rooms will be fanned and have western bathrooms. The rooms are basic but very clean and comfortable. Teachers will again be provided with their own rooms.


You will be served three meals per day during your school trip to Bali. During the first week of volunteering, meals will be provided at the accommodation in Tabanan. When travelling across Bali in the second week, there will be either buffet options or set menu options to choose from at local restaurants. Most meals are composed of traditional Indonesian cuisine, typically flavoursome dishes of fried rice and noodles.



Balinese cuisine consists of a lot of rice and the meat is mainly chicken. Like the food of other regions in Indonesia, Balinese food is rice as the central dish served with small portions of pungent vegetables. All meals will be freshly-prepared each day and the occasional western meal will also be added in. It’s best to avoid tap water in Bali. Bottled water is available everywhere.


Here is an example of the meals you can expect:

* Please note our local team will do their best to cater for all dietary requirements. Any dietary requirements will be requested by the PMGY team in advance of your school trip arrival into Bali. Such details will be forwarded to the local team, but it is a good idea for the relevant staff/student to re-iterate any dietary requirements to the local team on arrival into the country.







14 days
975 USD
249 USD
1,224 USD

* These fees apply to each individual student.


In order to confirm your school trip to Bali with PMGY, you need to pay a trip deposit fee of 249 USD per each student is then due no less than 60 days prior to your Bali trip start date. During this period if you need to make a change to your trip (destination, itinerary or trip numbers) then we will aim to facilitate this without any administration fees. Furthermore, we are happy to facilitate an instalment payment option should this be more beneficial for your school.


Payments can be made via bank transfer and PMGY will create and send the invoices and payment receipt details once the trip numbers are confirmed. Alternatively, we can establish payment links directly through our website using all major debit and credit cards. We will outline instructions to make payment in our email communication with you. Please note credit card payments are subject to a 5% additional fee to cover the bank charges that PMGY incur.



The prices are based on group numbers of 20+ and do not include flights or insurance (these can be arranged separately through PMGY). For every 10 participants, we are able to provide 1 free spot for the staff or academic leaders. Consequently, no trip deposit fee or Program Fee will be required for each staff or academic leader participant on the trip.


Included in the Fees - 2 x pre-departure briefing sessions, financial protection, airport transfers, private transportation across Bali and to/from project, transfers to/from Gili Islands, 3 meals a day, all accommodation, volunteer placements, travel activities including all applicable entrance fees, cultural activities, 24/7 International & Balinese based support, extensive pre-departure support opportunities, PMGY Bali t-shirt and an International Certificate of Completion. (Teachers will receive all of these inclusions complimentary).







✨ Real Bali Experience ✨ 

If you’re looking for a balance between solo travel and a cultural experience then the Real Bali Experience is for you! See how our volunteers spend the first two weeks experiencing some of the most incredible locations in and around Bali - and then their final two weeks living in the local town of Tabanan and getting to know the wonderful children! Also a great way to meet likeminded people and new travel buddies if you don’t want to go solo! 

Check it out here: https://www.planmygapyear.co.uk/bali/real-bali-experience

Start dates: 
✨ 16th June 
✨ 30th June 
✨ 21st July 
✨ 11th August 
✨ 1st September
🧘 Balinese Yoga 🧘‍♀️ 

One of the best ways to get to know the locals is by joining a yoga session in the nearby park. They enjoy sharing their love for yoga and meditation and there’s always some unique moves being introduced! Usually made even better by the sun set as we lay on the grass to relax at the end!✨

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POV: Your camera roll after the Bali Intro trip… 

Click here to check it out ⬇️

 📸 Thanks to @danielleshx for sharing! 

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Family football nights! ⚽️ 

Whether you want play or just come along as an Akasa Cheerleader, everyone loves football nights here at PMGY Bali! 

Tonight some local middle school students also stayed back to play against us! 

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Check out @momolive_279 experience as a Childcare volunteer in Bali! 🙌 

Thank you for sharing and for your incredible contribution to the program Maurice! 🫶

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POV: you’re relaxing in natural hot-springs in the Balinese jungle after a rewarding day of volunteering. 

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Now that is one very happy puppy!😄

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