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You’ve checked out the range of options and narrowed it down to your perfect volunteer program and destination. Now you feel ready to take the next step. Understandably, this may feel a little daunting. However, most of all, it is very exciting as your PMGY application begins!


It is important that you check the age, education and language requirements for the volunteer program before applying.


The application process is simple and can be summarised into the 6 easy steps below! If you have any queries before you go ahead and get started, take a read through our FAQs. You can find a summary of these located in the drop-down boxes to the right. We’ve done our best to try and think of everything you might need to know, and a little more! But whilst we hope that we’ve covered all bases, you can always contact us if there’s anything else you’d like to run through.


Our International Team has travelled extensively, been to the volunteer projects, and love talking about them. If you have any queries before you make the next step, do get in touch. Maybe you’re having trouble deciding between two projects. On the other hand, you may want to join two programs back to back! Finally, you may like to know more about the social aspect of each destination. In any case, it gives us a great excuse to wax lyrical about the programs.

You should apply as soon as you are 100% sure that you wish to join us. It is never too early to sign up to a PMGY volunteer program!


For the majority of our volunteer programs, you can apply at any time. However, we advise that you apply as soon as possible to ensure we have availability on the program. Some of our volunteer programs have a limited capacity. As a result, spaces can fill up quickly. For this reason, if you are looking to travel during our peak season (June-August), you should apply in good time.


We ask that all international volunteers apply at least 4 weeks before they intend to join us. If you plan to sign up within 4 weeks of your program start date, please contact us first. We will be able to confirm whether there are places available and outline any key factors to be aware of.

All applications should be made through your project page of interest on our website. Before making an application, you should be sure to have read all the program information, as well as PMGY Terms & Conditions.

By navigating to your chosen program page, you will find a red ‘Apply Now’ button. Clicking on this will allow you to proceed to the online application pages for that specific project. The whole process takes around 20 minutes. The more we know, the better placed we are to meet your expectations.


Depending on the type of experience you are looking for, we can advise on the program that would be best suited for you. For example, if you want to be in a country that is more exotic or with lots of fellow volunteers, please do say. On the other hand, if you’re a more independent traveller then let us know. Consequently, if you’re searching for something off the beaten track we can align your journey.


You are required to pay your 249 USD Registration Fee during your initial application to join PMGY. In the unlikely situation that we are unable to offer you a place on the program then this fee will be refunded in full within 48 hours.

The application process for your PMGY volunteer program should take around 20 minutes to complete. You’ll need to pick the dates you wish to go and enter some information about yourself and your expectations. We will ask you three more detailed questions regarding your expectations, experience and motivations to join the program.


Please be as detailed as possible with these questions. The more we know about you and your expectations the better. This is particularly true for volunteers who are using the program as part of a degree elective scheme. If you need to meet certain criteria whilst on the program, make sure you provide details of this in advance.



After confirming your place on a PMGY volunteer program, we strongly advise that you book your flights as early as possible. This is since it will help ensure that you get the lowest airfare. You can choose to book your flights independently or we can help you with arranging them. PMGY has a wealth of experience in travelling to and from our host countries. Therefore, we know the most affordable ways to travel and the best airlines to use. Therefore, if you would like any assistance booking your flight, you can request an optional flight quote during your online application. Alternatively, feel free to contact us on the phone or by email.


Travel Insurance


Importantly, having an appropriate travel insurance policy during your time abroad is essential. Therefore, it is mandatory for all of our international volunteers to be appropriately covered across all of their trip dates. This includes your travel to and from the host country, as well as any onward travel. Although PMGY does everything to ensure your trip is safe, inevitably things can go wrong. Therefore, having a travel insurance policy in place helps you effectively deal with any problems you may encounter during your time away.


We have partnered up with the insurance company battleface to create an affordable and comprehensive optional policy. This has been designed with our international volunteers in mind, to cover our participants for all of their travel essentials. The policy is available to anyone across the globe, up to the age of 65 years. The document will cover you for your time on any PMGY destination and any onward travel. You can purchase PMGY Travel Insurance during your online application or you can contact us directly to arrange it.

Many people choose to join our volunteer organisation in multiple destinations. It is something we definitely encourage as it provides a great experience volunteering in different countries and cultures.


If you are looking to volunteer in multiple locations, we recommend that you apply for one volunteer program first. During the online application process, you will notice a ‘Special Requirements’ box. In this field, you can then enter all the volunteer programs you would like to join. In turn, our International Team can make all the necessary arrangements for you from here. This saves you from needing to complete multiple application forms. Alternatively, you are welcome to apply for each volunteer program separately. In either case, please note that the Registration Fee applies to each destination that you join us in.


Before applying to multiple programs, you may wish to first check out our Encounter Volunteer Projects. These involve pre-set country itineraries, travelling to between 3-10 destinations, all under one Registration Fee.

Yes, this is possible! Firstly, decide on your trip dates and enter the number of people wishing to apply. Secondly, you will need to fill in each individual’s details when completing the group application. Please mention in the ‘Special Requirements’ box the name/s of your friend/s. In this way, we can ensure you are placed in the same accommodation and at the same volunteer project.


Please note the majority of our volunteer accommodation is on a single-sex basis. Consequently, we cannot guarantee that you would be able to be placed in the same room.

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an automated email from us. The contents of this email will proviaionlly confirmation your place on the program. You should receive this email within 20 minutes of completing your online application. If you do not receive this email, please first check your spam and junk mail, before contacting us.


Our applications team will notify you within 48 hours if there are any issues with your application. In the unlikely situation that we are unable to offer you a place on the program then your original 249 USD Registration Fee will be refunded in full.








It's difficult to choose so take your time or why not choose one of our Encounter or RTW trips?



It only take 20 mins of your time to apply for an adventure that will be amazing and life-changing.



Take all the hassle out of trying to get the right prices and cover and we'll do it all for you.



In order to submitt your application you will need to make your Registration Fee payment.



The remaining Program Fee is due no less than 60 days prior to your program commencement.



You're all set! The adventure begins. Enjoy every single second of your travels and keep in touch.

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